Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of new products!

Well, I got a lot of new products in the mail this week!  Dipping oils, cheese ball mixes, dips, snickerdoodles, raspberry delights, chocolate banana slices and more!  I can't wait to try them!  Unfortunately, my wisdom teeth are acting up again and I cannot chew :(  Worst timing ever!  I ever got my Crunch Crunch mix back in and can't even eat that! Ugh.... guess I will be calling the dentist tomorrow.

Well, we had some new people join the team this week!  3 total :)  Some people on my team are starting to grow their own teams!  That is exciting - it is fun to watch everything grow.  I am so happy I joined back in October :)

Well, I have another giveaway up and 2 more are going to be going up in the next few weeks.  One website is Canadian, so that is exciting.... I would really like to get some Canadian people on the team!

Here is the giveaway if you wanna check it out!

I have some more goodie bags going out as well.... I have not seen too much from that.  But, I will try some more - you never know.  I have a few people on the fence looking to join... fingers crossed.

Well, Ijust wanted to stop in and say a little hello.... Probably gonna go to sleep early.  My mouth is throbbing.  Start another class tomorrow too! 

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