Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Short post tonight due to the holiday :)

Found some good stuff today!  I got a tablecloth, cake decorating stuff, litttle ceramic loaf pans, ribbon and some really cute holiday boxes for December.  I am taking some advice and along with my auctions I am going to have some edible treats as well - so I figured I should make them look nice (and I found really inexpensive boxes and bags).

I am also posting my November specials on my facebook page tonight:

Please check it out and "like" my page :)

Well that is all for today... Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! Be safe :)

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Less than a week away...

Well it is less than a week away from my 1st event! So exciting and nervous...  I actually went to a food and wine festival today (which was amazing!  I got to meet (and hug) Fabio from Top Chef!) But aside from that, I met a lot of vendors and thought to myself, I wish I was here... selling!!  Maybe next year - I am sure an event like that costs a lot!  I made mental notes of which vendors I liked and which I did not.  It amazed me that some people were so shy or ignored people looking at their product!  My friend and I were actually at a table and wanted to try some BBQ sauce they had displayed.  We waited, and waited some more staring at the products and not one person (out of 3) came over to say hello, offered samples or even make eye contact!  I thought to myself, "Why are you even here?" Then there were the people engaging others - they let the product sell itself with samples... I even bought some tasty treats.  That was who I wanted to be - just a friendly face with smiles and food to offer people that tastes great!

Well, since I was at that festival all day after work... then homework (I am working on my Master's).  I was not able to make the beer bread today.  But, I have plans to make it tomorrow after work.

I am placing an order tonight for some more new seasonal product as well as all 4 scents of the candles.  There is even a Turkey Day Special that just came out.... You get:

I will definately have that out to display!  It sounds yummy.  I had to order the pumpkin cupcake and muffin mix.... there was just no question on that one, plus, it is that time of year... everything is pumpkin.  I even had pumpkin hummus samples today (which was delicious, btw)

I am also sorting what items I am going to give up for auctions and charities - I want to make sure that I atleast break even on these auctions.  I really appreciate the help and suppport I am getting from the company - with ideas, comments on my blog and quick answers to my emails.  It really keeps me motivated and can't wait to really start getting to work! 

Well that is really all I have for today... it was a full day for me and I have some more reading to do :)  I am anxious to really get this started and see what happens. I am so hoping... well planning... on success :) 

Oh, I also got my 3 tier cupcake stand today :) It will look even better filled with cupcakes!

I still need a tablecloth and chip and dip bowl for the bread and dip.  I might stop at a party or craft store tomorrow... I also still need ribbon for my cello bags (I got those today too).

I am just hoping that all this money being spent will invest in the money I am going to make in the upcoming months.  I am so hopeful and excited/motivated.  It feels great to come home and plan my business and wonder what the future will hold for me.  I feel proud of myself for taking this step... let's hope I achieve all I set out to do.

Thanks again to all my family and friends for their support! :)

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Product arrives.... home tasting!

So all of my books from Amazon arrived today... I am going to start reading today amd making notes and applying what I learned.

I also received my 50lb box of product that I ordered.  The new packaging is great! Especially on the seasoning bottles :)  I decided to make the yellow cupcakes today.  They were easy to make and made the house smell soooo good.  I made a simple chocolate frosting to compliment the yellow cupcakes.  They taste soooooo good!  The cakes came out really light and fluffy - great texture!  And they have a nice vanilla taste - not too sweet :) I am so happy that they are good....  now I can't wait to try the rest of the mixes and I am even more excited now to sell them!!.  I will post pictures on Facebook as soon as I can.  I need to find the cable for my camera - haha :)

Tomorrow, I am going to make the regular beer bread.  I can't wait to try it! 

I listed some more events on my site today as well!

Right now, I am trying to figure out these quarter auctions and what items I am going to sample as well as what I am going to give for the auction and charity.  I am going to have my own raffle at the table to collect info from people and give away a small candle.  I am going to place an order on Monday for the candles so I can see what they smell like as well as have samples out for people to look and smell - which will hopefully bring me in more orders! :)

Well I am off to read more books and probably look online some more before I go to sleep - and I will try not to eat another cupcake (but we all know that is not going to happen - haha)

Until tomorrow....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Progress made....

Well the website is coming along - you still can't shop from my site yet, but I was told that will be fixed (hopfully today)  I am now able to list my events on my site, which I will start doing, once I am confirmed for the event.

I did however finally get to order business cards and a t-shirt. :)  Those will be great to have.  The company is even putting my blog web address on the card for me :)  I thought that was great.  I also ordered a decal for my window.  They are getting more promo type supplies, but I figured this is a good start.

November looks like it is going to be a great month for incentives for consultants and well as customers and hostess'.  Stay tuned for more updates. I confirmed my online party for Novemeber 18th, 9:00pm - 11:00pm EST.  My cousin Lauren is going to be the hostess.... I will post the site up and everything prob starting after the weekend. 

Oh and I am having a dress made for bigger occassions - it is going to have cupcakes on it :) haha - I think it is going to be so cute!  Plus I will definately stand out and be memorable!  Pics will be posted once made!!

I just received an email that I am now listed on :)  I thought it was pretty cool and I already received a request for more info from someone!  I hope they keep coming!!  I will keep you all up to date.

I really want to be able to order the candles soon - they are now up on the website.  I think they look great and hope they smell great too!

Today I also have a webinar today on starting a newsletter and database for emails and other info.  I am trying out this compnay AWeber to see what kind of things they can offer.  I have heard good things and it was only 1.00 to try it out for the first month - so we shall see what happens.  I figure the more info I keep getting the better! - I really hope my books are delivered by tomorrow.  I also ordered an e-book on direct sales, and I want to get that printed out so it is easier to read and make notes.

Well that is all for today.... until tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slow day.....

Well today was not to eventful.  My website is still working out some glitches so I did not want to advertise too much since there is not much to do on the site.  I can't seem to edit it and the shopping from my site is not working.  But I understand these are all things that happen when something new is introduced. :)

I am going to try some mixes this weekend with my boyfriend's family.  Have them be my guinea pigs, so to speak.  I want to make sure I make them correctly and of course they taste good too! Plus they are all excited to try my products!

I did however list my name on some sites that were free or very inexpensive:

They take up to 3 days to be listed, but hopefully something will come out of them.  I am the only Do You Bake consultant on each one of those pages - so that's a plus. 

I did find 2 more events that I would like to partipate in, but the trouble is that they are on the same day - one is in the morning and one is in the evening.  I don't think that I can do both - so we will have to see.  I will prob do the one in the evening since it works better with my work schedule :)

Other than that, it has been a pretty slow day.  I did however make myself a signature for my email and tonight I am going to post my upcoming event on facebook.

Quarter Auction
WHEN:   Monthly - the first Friday of every month
               Doors open at 6PM, Quarter Auction starts at 7PM
WHERE: Columbia Consolidated Fire Hall, 200 Block of South 10th Street, Columbia PA 17512      
               (Lancaster County PA.)
DESCRIPTION: This is a quarter auction. There are many vendors. Lots of good food. And plenty to buy
                            as well as eat.

I am very excited!!

So far I have a total of 5 events booked for November.  I am sooooo hoping that this brings in a lot of business as well as some new consultants. 

So plans for the rest of the evening will be more planning of course and figuring out who and where I want to adversise with.  I wish we had catalogs to leave places - maybe in the future.  But maybe I can also make up a flyer to leave places.... we shall see. 

I keep thinking about the future and if this was my full time job, it would be amazing! Selling awesome products and spending the rest of the days being creative, advertising and promoting.... it sounds like the perfect job for me :)  As long as I stay focused an on the plan. I told myself this would be a year experiment and I am going to do my best to keep to that plan.  I feel a good connection with this company :)

Well tomorrow I have another day off.... hopefully I can get some more done. I expect to get all my product this week as well as the stuff from amazon and eBay - so it should end as a great week! :)  

Until tomorrow... 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am online....well sort of

So I finally got my web page and email!! Hooray! Except the site is still not up and running, but I am told that it should be by end of day - which is perfect because I have the next two days off so I can promote myself like crazy online!!

I found some more events last night, so hopefully the people will get back to me soon.  I also did great on eBay getting more stuff! I got a three-tier square display, platters, tongs, taster spoons - all for real cheap! so excited :)  My table is going to look awesome!  I need to get a tablecloth at some point as well and possibly a table....

I am currently setting up my facebook page, linked to my personal page. I called it "The Roaming Cupcake" Why the Roaming Cupcake you ask?  Well, because I am pretty much travelling all over to promote my business as well as online and I do have some close similarities to a cupcake - haha.  I will post a link on here once I get some substance to it as well as link it to my individual FB page.

I am also going to change my voice mail incase I start getting phone calls.  (fingers crossed)

Other big news I received today was that the company is launched an "At Home" line of products.  To kick things off they are introducing natural soy candles with delicious "baking" flavors! * Vanilla Cupcake * Pumpkin Roll * Coffee cake and Spice * and *Hot Apple Pie * These look great and I can't wait to try them.  They are will make great holiday gifts as well as great items to sumbit in the quarter auctions!  After all, who doesn't love candles? :)  I am hoping to puchase one of each flavor in the next week so I can aleast have some to show at my table and people can smell them.

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to advertise as well as how much money I am willing to spend.  Luckily I did find some free sites that I can list on.  Then there is craigslist - which could be useful.  There are so many work at home sites out there - I am trying to find one's that have good page layouts, easy to navigate as well as get a lot of traffic! - But I an not going to pay for anything until my site is definately up and running.

Well that's all for today... I am going out to a Halloween themed dinner in Philadelphia and then off to Eastern State Penitentary for some haunted goodness :) Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Order Placed!

Well, I placed my first order :)  I got about 35 mixes to start me out.  This way I can have some items to bring with me to events that people can buy while they are there instead of having to wait.  I myself am an impulse buyer, so I know from first hand experience that if it is there to buy - people will buy it!

I got a lot of new info from the company today that has me super excited.  It is fun to watch a company grow - especially when you are a part of the growing process!!

I also placed an order today also for some fun baking stuff and display stuff.  I got cello bags to make my products look more gifty for the auctions and raffles as well as colorful cupcake liners, mini-cupcake pan, a display tier for the cupcakes/brownies and some little things to help decorate.  My cousin gave me a great idea today to make brownies in mini-muffin pans so I can have bite size brownie samples and they will look great too!  Thanks Lauren :)

As soon as I get my facebook page up (when I get a website and email), I will start posting pics of products as well as any events I do.  It should be fun!

I made up some enter to win ballets today (with cupcakes on them of course!)  - I am going to have a "give-a-way" at my table.  This way I can collect more info from people as well as having my sign-in book.  I asked for their name, number, email as well as if they are interested in having a party - being a consultant - or just some product information.

Well hopefully, I get my website up today... still waiting on that.  They are getting redesigned so I understand the wait - but I am impatient by nature and have all these ideas waiting... Plus, I have to get my info in to my online party happening next month.  I am still a little confused on this idea - but it should be interesting and a learning experience to say the least.  As soon as I get the website too, I am going to send it out to all my family and friends and hopefully they pass it along to their friends as well.

Well friends, I am off to troll the internet for more local events, info and planning.  I am gonna check out eBay too for some cool funky platters that I can use at my table.  I don't want to be boring! :)  Until tomorrow.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving right along.....

Well things seem to be picking up again! Hooray :)  I should have my website up and running tomorrow which I am so happy about - I will post the address as soon as I get it!  I am also going to be setting up a seperate Facebook page for my Do You Bake? business so I can post photos and more info - as well as any promotions.  I am also in the process of creating a newsletter.  Everything I seem to read says to have a newsletter - so I figured, why not? I think it will be fun to create.  Today, I even bought a cute pink polka dot notebook that I can take to my events and collect people's info - kind of like a guest book that people can sign and I can get their info as well - plus I love any excuse to buy a cute notebook :)

So for today's work - I am still trying to organize.  I did get info sheets on all my products as well as order forms.  I want to make sure that I bring product to my first event incase anyone wants to buy something right then and there.  I am so excited about all the new products we have - two words.... Pumpkin cupcakes! Need I say more? :) I am thinking of having some as samples since it is close to the holidays and use the cinnamon spice mix they have to make a yummy cinnamon cream cheese frosting (my mouth is already watering).  I want to have lots of fun ideas to give people - I think that I might have some ready made recipe cards to give out at the events - depending on what I do and if it will be cost effective.  Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love cupcakes - so those will always be a feature of mine :)

I also had some people ask me for info - so I am going to get right on that.  I am finding that the more I talk about it, the more comfortable I get.  Plus, I am excited to talk about it and my plans.  I think that writing this blog gives me motivation because I need to do something so I will have something to write about! haha

My first event is going to be a Quarter Auction on November 5th in Columbia, PA.  A bit of a hike, but it should be fun.  I have never been to a quarter auction and I am excited.  From what I hear a bunch of vendors get together to host an auction event and they get to display their products as well.  I think this will be a good small start for the bigger events I have coming up in end of Nov. and Dec.  Now I just have to decide what to make and what to bring - Plus! I need to make my table display look good, get product sheets, business cards, order forms...etc.  Hopefully if I do a few small events, I will be a pro by the time I get to a bigger event! 

Well I am off to get to work and daydream of cake and cookies :) If any important news pops up during the day, I will post - otherwise.... until tomorrow because I am going on a Haunted Hayride tonight! I love Halloween :) 

As always message me if you have any questions or comments!  I would love to hear them! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Presentations for Profits: Dozens of Ways to Increase Bookings at Home Party Demonstrations

The Skinny on Direct Sales: Your first 100 days

Ultimate Guide to Direct Selling: Simple Ideas to Increase Sales and Recruiting

These are the 3 books I ordered that got good reviews..... I hope they give me lots of good info!

The waiting game...

Well, I had every intention on writing yesterday - but after running around all day doing errands and a friend's going away party - it just didn't happen. :)

But yesterday I received my new consultant kit (well the products anyway).  I can't wait to try them out and see how they come out.  I got a good variety and they should be good to bake at my first event. I got brownies, cupcake mix, beer bread, carrot cake, pie crust and a variety of spices to make yummy dips! Now I just have to wait on product sheets, order forms, business cards and of course my webiste.  I hate waiting, but I guess I have to be patient.  It will give me more time to plan anyway.  I need to start thinking about my table display.... I want it to look inviting :)

I decided on 3 books to purchase that are about direct selling.  I figure the more ideas and help, the better.  I will list the books on here incase anyone is interested, but will also give my review one they arrive and I read them.

I also printed out my order forms for upcoming events in Nov. and Dec.  I just have to send in a registration fee for the use of space.  Most are pretty inexpensive (about $25.00 is the average) and some require a donation for an auction, but hopefully it will get me more exposure as well as on the spot sales and more bookings.  Once I get it all set up, I will post the dates - maybe there are others out there that would like to participate with their products as well :) 

I am also looking into online parties where a couple of vendors display their products online in a chat room - sounded interesting.

So that is pretty much my plan for today - get these registrations mailed out.  I hope I get the order forms this weekend because I will have to start ordering soon!!  The great thing I found out was that with these events, I am technically the hostess of the event - so not only do I get all the benefits of sales, but I also get all the benefits of being a hostess!!  I thought that was great.  This company is very young being in their first year, but I think it is exciting to be a part of it and watch it grow. 

If any other news comes up today, I will post again - Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day One.... The Journey Begins

And so my journey begins.  After doing some research I decided on the company, Do You Bake?  They are less than a year old and it just seemed like the perfect fit for me.  I paid for my initial new consultant kit.  I also have been in contact with my sponsor, who so far has been great and very responsive (I ask a lot of questions). 

Researching online for direct selling is very overwhelming!  There is so much information, it is exhausting and at times I feel as though my brain might explode. :)  I really do not know where to begin, so I am going to take it slow.  My kit should take a week to arrive anyway and my website/email is not even set up yet.  I know a lot of people start off with parties, but I think that I am going to start off with fairs and events.  It is the perfect time of year for them - I have already been thinking of participating in 7 of them in the next 2 months. This is more my speed and I think it will give me a good start, especially getting involved with a compnay so new.  I have lived in Philadelphia for a few years, but I have to say - there is not many people I know that would want to have a party.  So that makes me a little nervous, but after researching - these fairs and quarter auctions seem to work out well.  So now, I am making a list of places that I have to register for - because then I need to have the product to back me up!  I know this is only the beginning, but I am very nervous and I am sure once my first event comes around, it will get worse! lol 

My goals for now are to have this as a part-time job.  In a year, I am hoping this can become a full-time job, but that lays in the future and what kind of decisions I make.  I do not know anyone that is direct sales, so right now I am relying on books and the internet.  I will let you know if I find any good reads or websites, because I am sure there are lots of people out there starting out as well.  We can take the journey together :)

So right now, it seems to be more of a waiting game - waiting to get my kit, website and materials.  I hope they arrive in a few days. (I tend to get impatient).  I ordered 3 books from Amazon and hope they arrive in a few days - plus I will continue on my website trolling for more info.

Well this is more or less a welcome post.... I hope that this turns out to be a success and I hope you enjoy the ride.  I am ready to make a change. I will be updating my daily (or every other day) activities and see what I find! I am excited :) Until next time...