Monday, February 28, 2011

Another week....

It is sometimes amazing how fast a week can go by!  I can't believe that I haven't written all week!  I have been trying to get my new schedule down.... I returned to work for LiveOps, so I have been putting in a lot of hours with them.... until I find a FT job, they really are the best option for me (as an additional PT job) ... I mean working in my PJs is pretty nice :)  So, I am hoping to get back into the swing of things this week and then I will have to take a step back until the end of March since I will be away for training. 

So new this week!  We did have another consultant join the team!  Welcome Michelle from MO :) 

The party, I was supposed to have this weekend was postponed :(  Due to an unfortunate event - but, I am hoping to reschedule for April :)

Oh - I made the Chocolate & Chips Beer Bread this week and used Dr. Pepper!  YUM! I also made a Meat Baked Ziti - but I used the DYB? Meatball Seasoning to flavor the meat and it was so good!  Tonight, I am making Braised Short Ribs with Garlic Egg Noodles (using the DYB? Garlic Mashed Potato Seasoning).  Sooooo good!  I can't wait to order all of the new products in March - I am very excited :)

I booked 2 charity events for May and December and I have 2 or 3 giveaways starting up in the next 2-3 weeks - Once they go live, I will post the details.

So.... I just wanted to give a little update - hopefully more to come this week!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy..... as usual :)

Well unfortunately, I was not able to go to the Quarter Auction this past Friday.... just a decision I had to make.  But, there will be others.  I am trying to get so much organized.... these next few weeks will be crazy. :)

Oh, but some good news!! I have had over 1000 people visit my blog since it has started :) woohoo

I got some great new about some new products that Do You Bake? is releasing  in March - I am super excited!!  And can't wait to try them :) YUM!! Pictures will be posted.... :)

I have a party this Friday... so that should be great.  Not sure how many people are attending yet.  Then, I am not sure how this happened, but the event I scheduled falls on my Drill Weekend in March!! .... ugh - so I am trying to figure that out as well.  Not if, I mentioned this, but I will be going away for about 2.5 weeks in March for the Army.  I have a Leadership Course to take.... so I am also trying to increase my workouts to prep.  Which with school and my two jobs - is keeping me very busy.

I am so excited for Spring and Summer!  I was away training in the Army all spring and summer of last year... so I am excited to be home. :)  I think that there will be a lot of events and I am much better in warmer weather.... my mood completely changes and I am much more motivated :)

So, I just wanted to post a little update since I haven't written all week :)

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another successful party!

What a great night we had!  The party was great :)  A great turn out and lots of new orders and new customers.  I am hoping to get involved with a fundraiser for a school as well :)  Pictures will be posted on FB @ The Roaming Cupcake. So with the party order I submitted yesterday, I WON!! Hooray! I wona Digital Video Camera from Do You Bake? :)  I was soooo excited since I never win anything... Can't wait to get it.....

The Pink Champagne Cupcakes were a hit!  They are soooo yummy and light. 

Also, we had 2 consultants join the team this week! :) Congrats to Lisa for a great job recruiting!

This Friday, I will be at a quarter auction - should be fun, I do love going to those :) I hope to see some friendly faces there as well.  Atleast, I know that horrid vendor (my nemesis, lol) is not going to be there since she was banned (haha)

Quarter Auction Fundraiser
benefiting “Smile for Riley”
Friday, February 18, 2011
Somerdale Fire Hall
101 Park Avenue, Somerdale, NJ

Doors Open: 6:00pm
Auction Begins: 7:00pm


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Party Prep...

So this week was a rough one.... training every night for 6 hours on the computer was torture... it really ran me down.  And on top of that, it is not even going to work out - so this week was pretty much a waste except for the money I made :)  So I am pretty beat.... but on the good side, I am getting ready for my DYB? party tomorrow.

The party tomorrow is a dinner part as well... so we will have lots of goodies!  There will be about 12 people there.... We are cooking the Chicken with Saffron for dinner,  Spinach Dip with Italian Beer Bread,  Rice Pudding and Pink Champagne Cupcakes made with the Yellow Cupcake mix (YUM) - I will also have our the Winter Nut Mix and we will have the Caramel Vanilla Coffee to serve as well.  I am pretty excited - should be lots of fun!  We also got lots of Valentine's Day decorations... too cute! - I just wish I didn't have to work in the morning.

Also, I have a new member joining the team on Monday :)  WooHoo!

With my schedule changes.... I am now going to be (hopefully) attending the Quarter Auction next week... I sent an email out today, so hopefully will find out if there is still room.  They are lots of fun and I haven't attended one in awhile.  Plus it is for a nice charity...

Well  - Lots of baking and decorating to do :)

Until next time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So today was a rough day... I am having trouble keeping my eyes open!  haha - late night and then crazy work day... It amazes me how crazy people act once they get inside an airport... confusion and anxiety sets in as well as losing most if not all of their common sense.  I try so hard to be patient.... it is very hard.  Also, I have to laugh at the many things I hear everyday.... people think they are so clever with the things they say or try to be funny.  I do not think they realize that I hear the same things over and over and over everyday! hehe - On the bright side, I had the highest scores this month which gave me a little bonus :)  I also applied for a new position today (well a few different ones with the same agency) in a bunch of different states....  Maybe picking up and moving would be a nice change...

I also had an interesting call today from someone putting together a career expo for work at home professionals - she wants me to go and represent DYB? - we shall see.  I sent an email off to the company to see what they think.... I think it would be lots of fun!! 

My Review/Giveaway was posted last night... I put the link in the giveaway section if you want to check it out and enter to win!  Hopefully it will get me some notice... It will be up till the 22nd. :)  I think it is a lot of fun... can't wait till more go up!

Today, I received an email from a Direct Sales company that I was thinking of joining before DYB? - well the email, said that they were closing!  They were around for 7 years and are now closing their doors... so happy I didn't join!  :) - must be terrible for their consultants :(

Well, I am off to send out some emails.... get another package ready to ship.  I have work in 2 hours :(  ugh.... at least I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Until next time....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Success.... :)

Ahhh busy weekend :) 

So the party was great on Saturday... not as many people showed up, but it was still nice and they food tuned out great!  The spinach dip is AMAZING!  The recipe is up on my recipes page.... YUM!  I really enjoyed it for my first one and was kinda happy it was small, so I can get more used to it and get more and more comfortable.  Now... I have to get ready for the next one this upcoming Sunday :)

I have a review coming up on the following Blog... I am also mentioned in her post that links to DYB?  I will be on there for 31 days... I believe my review and giveaway will go up in March...
I had a sales call with DYB? last night.... lots of great stuff.  I am really going to try and focus more on my downline as well as parties :)We shall see.... sounds like we have some lots of new products coming out in the future which is awesome!  We also had a business website launched this weel to help consultants.  I think it is great since we will all be able to gather there, collect info as well as share. 

Oh and I got another goodie bag promotion for the end of Feb.... so that is 3 now.  Let's hope, I get some parties or sales :)

I am starting that new job tonight for 6pm-Midnight.  So this week should be fun - haha.  Busy, busy.

Oh and last night I took out my stovetop popcorn popper and made some popcorn with DYB Jazzy Pizazz Popcorn Seasoning... very tasy and I only used a little oil to cook the popcorn, so it is a great healthy snack :) Tonight I made Potato Wedges (thin like french fries) with the DYB? French Fry Seasoning! Super easy to make and oooooo sooooo yummy! Plus such a better alternative to fried food :)
I need to go out and buy a sweet potato this week to try the sweet potato seasoning! 

Other than that... I am hoping to get some stuff done this week.  I have 3 reviews/giveaways going out this week... so hopefully that will go well. :)

Well, I am off to finish my fries and get ready for work... at least I can stay in my PJs :)

Until next time!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting ready..... Party Time :)

So I am pretty much just finishing up getting ready for my DYB? party tomorrow.  They are saying it is supposed to snow, so I hope that it is not too bad :(  I made a bunch (60 actually) mini cupcakes for the party.  I made vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting and chocolate frosting, with some cute valentine sprinkles. :)  I also made little goodie bags for the guests with some DYB? info, recipes cards, magnets, and cute valentine crazy straws :) haha - Should be fun!!

I will take pics and post how it went....

Oh and I had a new member join our team today! Welcome Lisa from NC!  So happy to have her join our team! :)

I also added a recipe section to the blog.... :) 

Well, that is about it for today....  crazy day at work. I am going to enjoy my last 2 days before I start my new job (well new added job this Monday)......  should be interesting!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love a day off....

So today, my boyfriend took my car to his work and then he has class... so I can't leave the house today, which is oh so nice :)  Plus, my group project is done for the week.... so it should be a good day.  I am going to be adding a new page to my blog - GIVEAWAYS - this way (since I have a bunch of giveways coming up), I can post them all on one page.  Hopefully in the future, as the blog gets more popular, I can add more pages... maybe host a giveaway of my own :)

So I got an email yesterday for another goodie bag promotion... it's for a mom's event at a preschool (100 bags), so that should be good.  Luckily I have some extra postcards to submit.  I am going to have to order more next week... since I am very low and I still need lots for March.

I am very excited for my party this weekend... I am hoping the weather holds up.  I really wish I just had more time for DYB? - I had about 5 events I had to turn down because of work or the Army. :(  It is disappointing... but unfortunately, I have bills and living expenses.  Hopefully one day as DYB? grows, it can replace some of my jobs :)

I have a call today at 3pm for another Direct Sales Leader...Nicki Keohohou.  I am going to listen to another call in a bit as well from Debrena Jackson Gandy.  Oh and I started a new book - I put the link on the left... I got it on my i-Pad (Kindle app) - so far, it is really good!  It got great reviews and I like her.  I listened to her call the other day.... she has some great ideas.  The more info, I get the better - right? :)

I did find another event that I can do.  But it is not until September.  But atleast I will get in nd have something to look to after the summer.  I cannot wait till spring and summer!!  I am so over this cold and icy weather.  It really depresses me... Some days, it is hard to shake.

I am also going to be featured on a blog for 31 days :)  It's a program that about 200 bloggers are participating in.... so we shall see how that goes :)  I will post it when it goes up - I think it starts Feb. 7th.

OH... I have a special promotion for new consultants that want to join!!  So if you are reading this and are interested... message me or email me and I will tell you about it. I am offering to pay 1/2 of new consultant kits! You will not want to miss out on this one!  And it is only till Feb. 14th!  If another consultant mentioned this deal to you.... let me know who it was :)

Well that is all for tonight.... I am off to pour myself a glass of wine and watch some movies :) 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb. New Consultant Deal!

So I wanted to share the new consultant deal for Feb.

Brownie Basic -
SAVE 45%
$50 Value for
only $32.50 Plus shipping!
For the LOVE of Chocolate -
SAVE over 60%
$225 Value for
only $89 Plus shipping!

“Tote with Bakers Love” product package (MSRP $82.50)

4 Hostess Party Packs
Gourmet Brownie Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Chocolate Cupcake Mix, Chocolate Satin Spice
5 spice sampler packages
2 catalogs, 10 recipe cards, 20 invitations and assorted feature sheets
Free website for 12 months
 2 Hostess Party Packs
2 Catalogs, 10 recipe cards, 20 invitations assorted feature sheets
Free website for 12 months
Gourmet Brownie MixSinfully Cinnamon, Chocolate Satin and Chive & Onion Spice Samplers

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I hate bad days....


Well, today was interesting.  This morning I woke up... went outside on my back porch to try and get my dog to come inside... It was dark and I did not see the ice on my steps.... a few steps and I went down.  Ugh.... I blame my dog :)  I am pretty sore... This is the second time I have fallen down stairs in the past 2 months.  My back is taking a beating.  UGH....

So, I am not sure what is happening... but in the past 2 days, I have been getting a lot of unsolicited calls to my cell phone... :(  I guess hat is what happens when you phone number is posted everywhere.  Maybe one day, I will have to get seperate line... not sure.

So I had some nice chats with a few consultants today.... sharing ideas and info.  Somone was trying to explain to me "blog hopping" - I am still trying to figure that out.  I have just started dabbling in the giveway world, which is very overwhelming on its own.... add blog hopping? wow - that can really take up hours of your time.  I wonder if it really works.  Sometimes, I feel like those things everyone wants to have blog followers... but are those people even reading the blogs they follow?  Probably only a few... but who knows.  I am willing to try anything, but I do not want to waste time either.


So today just started off bad and continued to get worse. :(  My back was pretty sore from my fall yesterday... plus the situation that I am dealing with at work has now escalated to the next level.  SUch a headache... I can't believe this hasn't been solved... So now, I have to fill out a bunch more paperwork and file that and wait yet once again!  Why can't people just fix the mistakes they made??  People have to make situations so much more difficult!  And have you ever noticed that when you are having a bad day, work has to go along with that??  Lots of grumpy people today....  I think the weather is getting to people!  My smile wasn't even working! haha... oh well.... at least I have off for the next 2 days.

Then when I got home, one of my parties for Feb., was cancelled... well rescheduled for a later date.  From what I hear, this happens a lot in the Direct Sales business... but this is my first and I was a littlle bummed.  But, I might be participating with a Quarter Auction... it is TBD.

I am trying out some more giveaways on a few sites.... I have 4 awaiting reviews right now.... so hopefully they will get some notice.

Oh and BTW - I opened the second package of crunch crunch mix! haha - I really have a problem!  It is just so tasty!  Now, I will have to order some more!  It has become a staple in my kitchen.  It just the best to sit down at the computer... pour a glass of wine and snack on some Crunch Crunch mix!  I still have to try the new popcorn seasonings.....  probably next week. 

So for my party Saturday.... we are having.  Cupcakes! (of course) - I am making vanilla, chocolate and pumpkin.  I have to make some for a open house on the same day.... so I figured I can split between the two.  Also, a spinach dip with the Onion & Chive Seasoning.  Plain Beer bread.  Over the Top Brownies.  Winter Nut Mix and DYB? Coffee.  Maybe the Rice pudding too... depends on how many people are coming.  So far we have 8.  They are saying that we are getting another snow storm this weekend (I am hoping they are wrong!!)

Well... I am off to enjoy my evening and spend some time with the boyfriend :)

Until next time!

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