Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving right along.....

Well things seem to be picking up again! Hooray :)  I should have my website up and running tomorrow which I am so happy about - I will post the address as soon as I get it!  I am also going to be setting up a seperate Facebook page for my Do You Bake? business so I can post photos and more info - as well as any promotions.  I am also in the process of creating a newsletter.  Everything I seem to read says to have a newsletter - so I figured, why not? I think it will be fun to create.  Today, I even bought a cute pink polka dot notebook that I can take to my events and collect people's info - kind of like a guest book that people can sign and I can get their info as well - plus I love any excuse to buy a cute notebook :)

So for today's work - I am still trying to organize.  I did get info sheets on all my products as well as order forms.  I want to make sure that I bring product to my first event incase anyone wants to buy something right then and there.  I am so excited about all the new products we have - two words.... Pumpkin cupcakes! Need I say more? :) I am thinking of having some as samples since it is close to the holidays and use the cinnamon spice mix they have to make a yummy cinnamon cream cheese frosting (my mouth is already watering).  I want to have lots of fun ideas to give people - I think that I might have some ready made recipe cards to give out at the events - depending on what I do and if it will be cost effective.  Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love cupcakes - so those will always be a feature of mine :)

I also had some people ask me for info - so I am going to get right on that.  I am finding that the more I talk about it, the more comfortable I get.  Plus, I am excited to talk about it and my plans.  I think that writing this blog gives me motivation because I need to do something so I will have something to write about! haha

My first event is going to be a Quarter Auction on November 5th in Columbia, PA.  A bit of a hike, but it should be fun.  I have never been to a quarter auction and I am excited.  From what I hear a bunch of vendors get together to host an auction event and they get to display their products as well.  I think this will be a good small start for the bigger events I have coming up in end of Nov. and Dec.  Now I just have to decide what to make and what to bring - Plus! I need to make my table display look good, get product sheets, business cards, order forms...etc.  Hopefully if I do a few small events, I will be a pro by the time I get to a bigger event! 

Well I am off to get to work and daydream of cake and cookies :) If any important news pops up during the day, I will post - otherwise.... until tomorrow because I am going on a Haunted Hayride tonight! I love Halloween :) 

As always message me if you have any questions or comments!  I would love to hear them! :)

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