Friday, October 29, 2010

Product arrives.... home tasting!

So all of my books from Amazon arrived today... I am going to start reading today amd making notes and applying what I learned.

I also received my 50lb box of product that I ordered.  The new packaging is great! Especially on the seasoning bottles :)  I decided to make the yellow cupcakes today.  They were easy to make and made the house smell soooo good.  I made a simple chocolate frosting to compliment the yellow cupcakes.  They taste soooooo good!  The cakes came out really light and fluffy - great texture!  And they have a nice vanilla taste - not too sweet :) I am so happy that they are good....  now I can't wait to try the rest of the mixes and I am even more excited now to sell them!!.  I will post pictures on Facebook as soon as I can.  I need to find the cable for my camera - haha :)

Tomorrow, I am going to make the regular beer bread.  I can't wait to try it! 

I listed some more events on my site today as well!

Right now, I am trying to figure out these quarter auctions and what items I am going to sample as well as what I am going to give for the auction and charity.  I am going to have my own raffle at the table to collect info from people and give away a small candle.  I am going to place an order on Monday for the candles so I can see what they smell like as well as have samples out for people to look and smell - which will hopefully bring me in more orders! :)

Well I am off to read more books and probably look online some more before I go to sleep - and I will try not to eat another cupcake (but we all know that is not going to happen - haha)

Until tomorrow....

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  1. Hi Melissa -

    Things are looking good. On the quarter auctions, here are my suggestions (we started the company doing as many face-to-face events we could, including quarter auctions and we have made all the mistakes you can think of!)

    Sample: If you bought the italiano beer bread - sample this. It is our most popular. If you sample the classic - make sure you tell everyone you can that its ALL NATURAL. I am sure there is a TS compeitor that will be there and you want to differentiate. We highlight all the time that we have over 10 flavors to offer.

    Other Sample: brownies. They are a HUGE hit.

    On the packages. They have to look pretty to get the quarters bidding. I recommend one mix. I also recommend adding some fresh. SO for example - you are baking up brownies to sample -- cut some up and put them in a bag or a tin along with your one mix and auction it off. The FRESH is an instant gratification to your visitors and they cannot wait to try.

    The candle will also do very well. You can call it 'winners choice' so they can pick the one they want (just decide what size you are willing to use)

    Charity / Door prize - if they have one, don't go crazy. Just make it simple and your least cost as possible.

    Remember your incentives for November to help draw people into booking parties.

    Place information on the tables so they know you are there.

    Always price your auctions at 2 quarters or below. What I have found is that people are less apt to bid on product that is 3 or 4 quarters. they will bid all their paddles on 2 and 1 quarters. Start with a 2 quarter bid, then go to a 1 quarter bid.

    Jenn @ DYB?