Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slow day.....

Well today was not to eventful.  My website is still working out some glitches so I did not want to advertise too much since there is not much to do on the site.  I can't seem to edit it and the shopping from my site is not working.  But I understand these are all things that happen when something new is introduced. :)

I am going to try some mixes this weekend with my boyfriend's family.  Have them be my guinea pigs, so to speak.  I want to make sure I make them correctly and of course they taste good too! Plus they are all excited to try my products!

I did however list my name on some sites that were free or very inexpensive:

They take up to 3 days to be listed, but hopefully something will come out of them.  I am the only Do You Bake consultant on each one of those pages - so that's a plus. 

I did find 2 more events that I would like to partipate in, but the trouble is that they are on the same day - one is in the morning and one is in the evening.  I don't think that I can do both - so we will have to see.  I will prob do the one in the evening since it works better with my work schedule :)

Other than that, it has been a pretty slow day.  I did however make myself a signature for my email and tonight I am going to post my upcoming event on facebook.

Quarter Auction
WHEN:   Monthly - the first Friday of every month
               Doors open at 6PM, Quarter Auction starts at 7PM
WHERE: Columbia Consolidated Fire Hall, 200 Block of South 10th Street, Columbia PA 17512      
               (Lancaster County PA.)
DESCRIPTION: This is a quarter auction. There are many vendors. Lots of good food. And plenty to buy
                            as well as eat.

I am very excited!!

So far I have a total of 5 events booked for November.  I am sooooo hoping that this brings in a lot of business as well as some new consultants. 

So plans for the rest of the evening will be more planning of course and figuring out who and where I want to adversise with.  I wish we had catalogs to leave places - maybe in the future.  But maybe I can also make up a flyer to leave places.... we shall see. 

I keep thinking about the future and if this was my full time job, it would be amazing! Selling awesome products and spending the rest of the days being creative, advertising and promoting.... it sounds like the perfect job for me :)  As long as I stay focused an on the plan. I told myself this would be a year experiment and I am going to do my best to keep to that plan.  I feel a good connection with this company :)

Well tomorrow I have another day off.... hopefully I can get some more done. I expect to get all my product this week as well as the stuff from amazon and eBay - so it should end as a great week! :)  

Until tomorrow... 

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