Saturday, October 30, 2010

Less than a week away...

Well it is less than a week away from my 1st event! So exciting and nervous...  I actually went to a food and wine festival today (which was amazing!  I got to meet (and hug) Fabio from Top Chef!) But aside from that, I met a lot of vendors and thought to myself, I wish I was here... selling!!  Maybe next year - I am sure an event like that costs a lot!  I made mental notes of which vendors I liked and which I did not.  It amazed me that some people were so shy or ignored people looking at their product!  My friend and I were actually at a table and wanted to try some BBQ sauce they had displayed.  We waited, and waited some more staring at the products and not one person (out of 3) came over to say hello, offered samples or even make eye contact!  I thought to myself, "Why are you even here?" Then there were the people engaging others - they let the product sell itself with samples... I even bought some tasty treats.  That was who I wanted to be - just a friendly face with smiles and food to offer people that tastes great!

Well, since I was at that festival all day after work... then homework (I am working on my Master's).  I was not able to make the beer bread today.  But, I have plans to make it tomorrow after work.

I am placing an order tonight for some more new seasonal product as well as all 4 scents of the candles.  There is even a Turkey Day Special that just came out.... You get:

I will definately have that out to display!  It sounds yummy.  I had to order the pumpkin cupcake and muffin mix.... there was just no question on that one, plus, it is that time of year... everything is pumpkin.  I even had pumpkin hummus samples today (which was delicious, btw)

I am also sorting what items I am going to give up for auctions and charities - I want to make sure that I atleast break even on these auctions.  I really appreciate the help and suppport I am getting from the company - with ideas, comments on my blog and quick answers to my emails.  It really keeps me motivated and can't wait to really start getting to work! 

Well that is really all I have for today... it was a full day for me and I have some more reading to do :)  I am anxious to really get this started and see what happens. I am so hoping... well planning... on success :) 

Oh, I also got my 3 tier cupcake stand today :) It will look even better filled with cupcakes!

I still need a tablecloth and chip and dip bowl for the bread and dip.  I might stop at a party or craft store tomorrow... I also still need ribbon for my cello bags (I got those today too).

I am just hoping that all this money being spent will invest in the money I am going to make in the upcoming months.  I am so hopeful and excited/motivated.  It feels great to come home and plan my business and wonder what the future will hold for me.  I feel proud of myself for taking this step... let's hope I achieve all I set out to do.

Thanks again to all my family and friends for their support! :)

Until tomorrow...

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