Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few updates...

So I have a few updates today :) 

I am on a new website -  thanks to Tamra for the info!

It's was only $20 for the whole year, so it was definitely worth a try!

I really need to get more organized in 2011 with this business - meaning keeping track of what I am spending, saving receipts, etc., and really treating it like a business so I can take full advantage of the perks of owning your own business!

One of the new people in my downline has posted my recipe on her website - I thought that was kinda cool!

Oh some other exciting info! (well for me anyway) - I am just a few pageviews away from hitting 400 page views!  Hooray!  It's a nice feeling :)

The Do You Bake? catalogs are being released! Wooohooo!  I just placed my order for them.  I cannot wait to see them!  I think this will be a great asset to have - since that is pretty much the number one question I get - which is why I made up my own brochures :)  But this will be better!

Also new recipe cards are being released for Beer Bread Pudding - I must make that!  I will keep you up to date when I get the cards and when I actually make it!

The new mailer is going to go out in January... in Media, PA and NJ - 500 postcards total in a mailer!  I hope I get some parties or consultants out of it!!

Lastly - I still have to register for that event in March - the only thing troubling me is that with the bag inserts for 150 people, it will cost 170.00 to attend this event and have promo items in bags - that is such a chunk of money..... ugh.... but I really want to do it, I am just scared I guess.  What makes me think that it is good that it is a yearly function and they have had success before....  I am sure I will do it - it just makes me nervous shelling out that much money for a "maybe"  - but I guess this business is all about risks and sometimes you just have to take a leap! - keep your fingers crossed for me!

I really liked the quote below.... No more excuses in 2011.  You are unhappy? Do something about it :) Be incharge of your own life!

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.'
-Mary Engelbreit

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WOW.... and we continue to grow!

So, I thought this week was going to be a slow week with all the holidays and people taking vacations and what not.... I was wrong! In the past 2 days, I have had 3.. yes, 3! new people join my DYB? team!

Let's give a warm welcome to Michele, Merri, and Sandy!  Welcome to you all - I am sooo excited to have you join our team and wish you all the greatest success in your business!

Such a great way to end the year and it gives me so much motivation for the new year! 

I have also missed writing... it is kinda like my diary that I share to whoever is listening and it is so nice when I do find out someone is reading :)  There is only so much my boyfriend wants to hear about DYB? - haha - so this is a great outlet and I highly reccommend anyone out there starting their own blog!  Email/message me if you do!

So Christmas was soooo nice and I had a great time spending it with both families!  I got some nice new things as well!!  I gave lots of DYB? gifts.... I got the new coffee and gave 3 out as stocking stuffers... now I just have to wait for the feedback.  The candles were such a hit for friends and family.... how could they not be though! They smell soooo good!  I need to stock back up on those! 

Some other good news, the owner of DYB? is starting to have weekly coaching calls for the leaders and I was chosen as one of the people to be invited on the calls!  I was really happy about that and can't wait to see what I learn and hpw I can develop my business for 2011.  We are also going to have "all consultant" calls starting in Feb.  Which is great! - The more info the better!!

Well, I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year's Eve and stays safe!  I am still not sure what we are doing - haha. 

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
- Henry Ford

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Well sorry to say that I never got around to making the Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes...

Guess I'll have to wait to the new year!

Well, the next two weeks are really gonna be about the holidays and my boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow.... :) Busy, busy... I really wish I didn't have to work on Christmas :(

I will probably not be on here too much - but will be back on track for January!  Lots of great promotions coming up in January and hopefully, I will have 2 new members of my team!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!  If you do not celebrate Christmas... I hope you have the day off and enjoy it as well!! :)

Here's to 2011!!

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."
- George Bernard Shaw

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Anger, disappointment, annoyed.......then ended the day HAPPY!

The title for today describes a few of the feelings I have had today.  I was so hoping that today, I would be writing good news and I would be happy and excited, but unfortunately that is not the case.  I finally decided to write after hiding in my bed from the world... lol.

I was glad I did sleep cause I got some great news after my nap!  So here is the story of my day.  :)

So today's event was coordinated by a Mom's Shopping Guide that distributes over 10,000 issues every 2 months.  I thought for sure people would come.... they didn't.  I got there around 8:30am (since I took a day off of work to go), and the room really looked good.  It was at a senior center and the room was filled with vendors (about 50), the Christmas music was playing and everyone was setting up... I was excited, and I thought to myself, "This is going to be a great day!"  - I got everything set up and the doors opened at 9am.  I figured it was early, and a Sunday, so people would slowly trickle in and then by noon it would be bustling.  It was a flop...  I think for the raffle the only people that won were vendors!  I was pretty bummed....  then looking around the room I see "HER" - for those of you who have been reading my blog remember a certain crazy vendor I had a problem with at a quarter auction for accusing my family of not bidding a quarter (ridiculous).  I saw her looking at me, but I didn't say anything...  didn't want to create any problems and she was all the way on the other side of the room anyway.  The event continued and was supposed to go to 2pm, but everyone was packing up by 1pm.  So I go out to start packing up my stuff back and as I am heading towards my car, I notice a scratch.... I get close to my car and see that there is a long scratch from the passenger door to the back of my car - a deep scratch obviously made by a key.  Then above the long scratch are a few zig-zag scratches.  I could not believe that someone keyed my car!!!!  I have no proof, but it seems pretty coincidental that she was there and now my car is keyed!  I don't have enemies and my car has Do You Bake? sign on it as well as my name.  I called the police and filed a report, but I had no proof it was her plus there were no surveillance cameras in the parking lot.  Needless to say, I was fuming!  Not only was the event a HUGE disappointment, but now I got damage to my car! 

I got home and just crawled into bed...  and hid from the world for a couple hours.

After my nice nap, I woke up to discover I had a new member of my team!  Welcome Michelle!! :)  I am so happy to have you aboard! and wish you great success :)  - That brightened my mood!!

Then, I got a order from my friend's mom for 6 mixes to give as Christmas gifts :) 

So although, more than half of the day was pretty bad, at least it ended well.  Christmas is right around the corner and then a whole new year is ahead of me.  :) 

Two good things that did happen at the event was that I got invited to another event in January.  Also there was a vendor there that sells amazing oils and vinegars.  (I bought some) We were talking and he does a lot of shows... I originally met him at the PA Food and Wine festival.  So he wants to add me on his list of vendors to invite to events he finds out about.  Which was pretty cool.

And you never know.... that's what I love and hate about this business.  You never know what the day is going to bring you... could be good or bad news.  Even today, such a roller coaster of emotions.  Which makes it exciting, but frustrating as well! haha

Tomorrow night, I am having a Do You Bake? dinner.  Meatloaf, Cheesy Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Garlic and Herb Biscuits.  YUM!!!  I'll try to remember to take pictures this time and I will post my mashed potato and meatloaf recipe. 

Oh and I just got an email from DYB?, looks like we are gonna have a little catalog in the beginning of 2011 - wooohooo :) Can't wait!!!

Well, I am off to finish my homework - ugh - I leave you with a quote.

"You can have unbelievable intelligence, you can have connections, you can have opportunities fall out of the sky. But in the end, hard work is the true, enduring characteristic of successful people" Marsha Evans

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting ready for the last event for 2010

Well I didn't end up getting a chance to write yesterday as you probably have noticed... I had too much school work to do, plus I didn't really accomplish anything :)

So today I am getting ready for my last event for 2010.  I am baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, Italian Beer Bread and making a garlic dip for the event tomorrow.  I hope that a lot of people come and I can go out with a bang for 2010! Tomorrow is an early one, 9 - 2pm. 

We had some great updates to the website today!!  We are now going to carrying coffee and tea!!  I can't wait to get some...  I don't drink coffee, but they will be good for gifts and I have other people try them out to get feedback!  I ordered some today so I can get it before Christmas.  Looks like there is going to be a lot of products coming out in 2011!  Can't wait! :)

Plus, we have an amazing new consultant package...  I might have mentioned it before.  But all the info is up on the site now.

I got news on the Rice-A-Rama, rice maker today! WooHoo!  Looks like it will be shipped out right after Christmas.  Which is great cause I was getting impatient! haha - I want to try them :)  I also got news that more rice mixes will be added in the 1st quarter of 2011. 

OH! In January, I am going to have a postcard go out to a new mailing.  The women that put on the Quarter Auctions I like are putting together a direct sales pamper pack - kinda like ValuPack.  It will go out in the mail and hopefully find me more customers and leads.  It's a local quarterly publication.  It launches in January and since I have been a vendor with them a few times, I get the first round FREE!  I got the postcards ordered from Vistaprint.  So hopefully it does well.  We shall see.  I have to figure out my advertising for the new year soon....  I might do some with the event am doing tomorrow.  I want to see the guide they have as well as how successful the event is also. 
 Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing."
- Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back to school :(

Well, classes started again :(  So that will take up a little more of my time.  It will get even worse in January when I take up 3 more classes.... right now I just have one.  But, I have come to realize that there are plenty of hours in a day if you use them wisely.  I hardly ever watch TV anymore and that does free up soooo much time.  I also cut down on my video game time... which is harder than TV - haha.  But little sacrifices are worth it to have success.  But, I do enjoy learning.  I am getting my Master's in Criminal Justice and my 2nd Bachelor's in Psychology. 

So my goals this week are to have my profile pages up on linkedin and merchant circle. 

There was a huge spike in my blog over the past 2 days... not sure why, but I am not going to complain!  It's nice to see that people are reading this. :)  I am hoping that 2011 will be full of lots of info as well as what I learn.  I am excited for the new year...

With the help of Jen (from DYB), I am going to have flyers put in all the goody bags that will be given out at the big event in March.  I am hoping this one brings lots of sales, consultants and parties!  I still have some time to plan... hopefully the rice makers will be ready to go for that one as well!

There is another event in Feb., but I am not sure if I want to do it yet.  You have to buy tickets to sell to people to come and that's seems like just more work.  What if I can't sell them all??  I have to think about it.  It is more geared towards fashion and cosmetics, so I am not even sure if DYB would do well after spending all the money to be a vendor. hmmmmm......

Some great news today... looks like I am going to meet the qualifications of both categories for the 60-day blast off with Do You Bake? - I am pretty excited since that was a goal of mine form week 1!  Next goal = trip to Bahamas! :)

We have a new consultant promotion that started today which is AWESOME!  If anyone was thinking about joining Do You Bake? - now is the time.  We have some awesome promotions going on for new consultants!  Message me if you would like some more info! 

I am placing an order for some new products that I haven't tried yet - can't wait!! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

I have returned :)

It is good to be back home... even though I was only away for 2 days.  I had a great time and learned a lot - but I did miss my Do You Bake? business - but I did learn a lot of things that I can use for Do You Bake as well as get some motivation.

Some news....

I finalized the contest that I will have going on this January through the Sales Moms Direct Sales Network.  The prizes are going to be pretty sweet - including our new rice maker and rice mixes!  I hope it get s a lot of entries.  I get to keep all the leads collected from the contest so that should be good for future sales (I hope).  I figured I would try it since it is free and all - plus I get free advertising.  And anyone who wins will love the products - of course!

There is a new website that just started to list new direct sales companies on one site.  I am now listed on the site :) It is very new - so we shall see what happens with that.  They had a facebook promotion for their launch - so I got free advertising.

I made our vanilla cupcake mix and pumpkin cupcake mix today :)  - Came out delicious as always! My boyfriend's mom is having a broker's open house tomorrow, so I will be supplying the cupcakes :)  She will have a sign out that shows I provides the desserts as well as my business cards and brochures.  Hopefully some people will think of me in the future :)  I only made 48 mini cupcakes and the rest (about 15) regular size cupcakes (which I never made before).  The regular size cupcakes came out soooooo good!  Everyone in the house was happy when I said the regualr size cupcakes were extra and they could eat them! haha

I leave you with a quote...

"There is one thing that 99% of "failures" and "successful" folks have in common - they all hate doing the same things.  The difference is successful people do them anyway.  Change is hard.  That's why people don't transform their bad habits, and why so many people end up unhappy and unhealthy." - Darren Hardy

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Missing my DYB business.... So I did not have any Internet connection at the hotel :( a few hours left of the convention and I will be heading back home. Getting some good info here, but it sucks not having my laptop. I did bring some delicious DYB banana bread to snack on in the hotel room - YUM!! I will be back on track tomorrow!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making comfort food....

Todays menu....

"Go Bananas" Banana Bread - soooo yummy!  The mix makes 2 loaves!

Chicken with Garlic Biscuit Casserole (YUM)

So today I made the Banana Bread for the first time.  It smelled soooo good in the oven, I couldn't wait to eat it.  I left out the raisins (I don't care for them) I had some when it was nice and warm out of the oven.... DELICIOUS!  Definitely going to have to buy more of that!  I am taking one loaf to the event tomorrow night to have people try that.... something different.  I took a few pics... they will go up on Facebook :)

I am posting the recipe for the Chicken and Garlic Biscuit Casserole on the DYB site... see below if you want to try it on your own! It came out DELICIOUS! - mmmm garlic :)  I made it for my boyfriend and his family and it was a huge hit!  I used the Garlic and Herb seasoning mix and the Garlic & Onion Biscuit mix. I totally forgot to take a picture of when it was all bubbly out of the oven.  Then everyone digged in..... :(  I will make it again.... and try to remember the photo! haha

Garlic Lover's Chicken and Biscuit Casserole

1/4 cup butter
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 cup chopped carrots
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 t white sugar
1 t salt
1 t dried basil
1/2 t ground black pepper
4 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup frozen peas

1.5 lb. boneless chicken breasts
2-3 T of DYB Garlic and Herb Seasoning
Olive Oil

1 Package of DYB Garlic and Onion Biscuit Mix
(need vegetable oil, eggs, shortening, and butter)
2/3 cup of shredded cheddar cheesern

1) Brush chicken breasts with olive oil and coat with DYB garlic and herb seasoning mix. Bake in oven @ 350 degrees F for 35-45 minutes. Dice cooked chicken.
2) Lightly grease a 9x13 baking dish.rn3) In a skillet, melt the butter over med-high heat. Cook and stir the garlic, onion, and carrots in butter until tender. Mix in the flour, sugar, salt, basil, and pepper. Stir in
broth and bring to a boil. Stirring constantly, boil 1 minute - reduce heat and stir in peas. Simmer 5 minutes, then mix in cooked chicken. Transfer mixture to the prepared dish.
4) Prepare biscuits according to package but add 2/3 cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Place biscuits on top of chicken mixture.
5) Bake in pre-heated oven for 30 minutes. Cover with foil and bake for 10 more minutes. Let sit for about 10 minutes before serving.

Servings: 6

So after a delicious dinner - I am going to rpint up some dip recipe labels for my postcards :)  I am also going to mail out some brochures to people that only gave me their addresses as well as my business card :)

Th next few days are very busy.... not sure how much I can write.  I have the event tomorrow after work and then this weekend I will be in Baltimore, MD for an Amway Winter Convention.  Should be fun!  a nice weekend getaway. :)

But I will try to atleast update everyone on how the event goes tomorrow night.  I am hoping it is a good turn out and lots of money is raised for St. Jude's Hospital :)

"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success." - Dale Carnegie

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love a good day!

So today has been pretty sweet!  Lot of ideas floating in the air and a feeling of nervousness and being overwhelmed...  but in a good excited way. 

I got a few leads from my advertising which is great!  I love telling new people about the business and more, I do it, the more comfortable I get.  I love what I do.... through the ups and downs. :)  We shall see what comes out of the leads... customers or consultants....

I also got a VERY interesting phone call today.  I can't say too much about it yet - lots of ideas in the works and lots to discuss with different parties involved - sooooo that news will have to wait.  But if all works out, 2011 could be great year and next December, I will be sipping on a martini in the Bahamas! - haha

It's funny how you never know when you will meet people interested.... I sometimes forget that I have signs on my car.  Someone knocked on my window today (while I was in my car) - After the initial shock of being startled (haha) - I was asked about Do You Bake? - it was pretty cool and the woman took my business card.  You just never know when you are going to meet people. Hopefully she will contact me.

Lots of Christmas shopping today with my mom - since it is my day off.  It was sooooooo cold outside.  I really hate leaving the house. 

I got a great book yesterday.... The Compound Effect.  I just started reading it, but it is very interesting and motivating.  A great book if you are looking to be successful... which I of course am! :)  I really try to stay motivated by reading and listening to cd's.  It really does help. 

I got an order today from a friend - which is always nice.  I am soooo close to my 60 day blast off sales quota.  I hope this week brings some more sales so I make it!! :)  It would be a nice achievement.

More Vistaprint arrived today! woohoooo.... magnets, recipe cards, Kitchen Aid giveaway contest cards, another pen, mousepad, more brochures and a stamp. :)  I love little goodies!

Lots to do tomorrow....  should be a busy day off.  I also have to get a little basket together for a event that I am donating to.  It's a Food and Wine event in NJ, but I will not be able to attend - so I am sending in a basket with a bunch of business cards and brochures that they said they would display.  Who knows, right?

OH! Also, next month I am going to be a contest sponsor on the Sales Mom Network website.  I get featured in articles for my contest giveaway - plus I get all the leads.  Pretty sweet - now I just have to figure out what I will giveaway. 

Well....  thats about all for today :)

"Success is a journey, not a destination." Ben Sweetland

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brrrr..... It's Cold Outside

Today is a very cold and windy day.... a day to stay inside in you PJs and eat some comfort foods!  I decided that I am going to dye my hair today.... still trying to fight those winter blues.  Dying my hair usually cheers me up.... I am going to paint my toes too!

Well the official contest for the trip to the Bahamas was released today.  It starts in Jan until August!  I soooooo hope I get that trip. :)  I have lots and lots to sell though.

I got a call today from a school in IL asking if I can send a gift basket to their auction night to raise money for the school.  How random I thought... but it was nice that they found my website :)

I got a phone call about being a vendor for a Champagne Gala that is for a charity.  It is in March, I believe.  I have to see how much that is.... looks pretty high end - but could be some good exposure. 

I got an email today that made me smile.... see below.

"In life you should take risks, have fun, stray from the beaten other words, dance.

It's no different in business.
How have you strayed from the beaten path lately?
Take some time to dance in your business.
It could make all the difference."

I liked that quote and it made me feel good about staying true to this business and keep on going.  I am anxious to see what 2011 will bring me.... hopefully this will be my year! 

Well, I am off to go out to eat, Christmas shop and then attend a web conference :)

Until next time....

Friday, December 3, 2010

A good 24 hours....

So the event last night went pretty good!  Wasn't as good as I thought, but there can be good opportunities from it :)  I thought the night was going to be more focused on shopping - but they had silent auctions as well that people bought tickets for - so as soon as all the prizes were given our - everyone left.  Then all the vendors left.  So the last hour of the event didn't happen - which surprised me since they had free wine :)  But I did okay - sold a bunch of mixes and made some good contacts of people that are interested in having a party.  I am going to send thank you emails to all the people that gave me their emails as well as some party info.  (fingers crossed) - but all in all it was a fun night :)

Some more good news today, another person has joined my team!  Welcome Laura!!  I am so excited to have a great team that continues to grow!!  I am very excited for the new year!!

I am also supplying cupcakes for a broker's open house event this month.  I get to display my cards and a sign (not sure if I wrote about that before)  But also, someone wants me make cupcakes for their son's birthday party at school - which I said SURE as long as they buy the mixes! haha

So today (aside from dealing with my tooth pain), I am going to organize, pay bills (ugh), and try to figure out the month.  Hopefully I can get some dates set in stone for January in the next few weeks too.  Set some goals for myself :)

Until tomorrow.....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy December!

I know that should have been the title for yesterday.... but time got the best of me yesterday :)

We had crazy weather yesterday - lot of power outages in the area, we had some flooding in the house (which is always fun) - but I still did manage to bake everything I need to bake.  I made 72 Cohocolate Chip Cookies - which came out much better this time. (Thanks Jen for the tips!), 84 Mini Chocolate Cupcakes, and 36 Mini Pumpkin Cupcakes - YUMMY!

Let's hope they bring me some sales tonight.  I am leaving here shortly but just wanted to check in on here - the event if from 6-10 and about an hour away from me so I will be getting home late and probably just crashing since I have work in the morning :(  I am really hoping a lot of people show up.... I need some sales to give me a pick me up!  The place looks really nice.... I am excited!

I did get a new lead today from one of my ads - I get happy when I see that it works sometimes :)  Hopefully they will be interested.  I also got an email to be a vendor at a Food Festival at the PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ - It sounds great, but unfortunately with my schedule that week, I won't be able to go which is disappointing - but it was nice to be invited.  It's over 2 hours away and on a Monday after I will be away all weekend.... :(

I also booked another event for this Sunday at a school.  It's a gift giving night - so that should be fun.  Hopefully lots of people will come out for that too.  So now I have 4 events for December....  might be able to squeeze in another one or two, but I am not sure yet.  The holidays are quickly approaching... and I am still so behind on Christmas shopping - eeek!

Well, I am going to load up my car once again with all my DYB stuff and baked goodies!  Wish me luck tonight and I will be sure to write all about it tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting ready for yet another event....

I am soooooo happy that it is Tuesday!  I might have mentioned this before, but Tuesday for me, is a normal person's Friday :)  And since I worked last week on my day off - I am pretty beat!  I am very happy this event is on Thursday - so I have plenty of time to prep!  The airport was crazy busy today... I was not expecting that - I thought everyone went back home already... apparently not!

Well I got a new member to my team today!  A familar face ;) - Welcome Lauren from CA to my team :) Hooray!!! 

I got my shipment of product in today - which I really needed.  Now I can make up my little dog treat gifts and I have all the small candles - since those are the one's I have sold in the past.  I got some new stuff to try for myself too - like pretzel mix, banana bread, funnel cake mix (that is gonna be for my mom), chocolate chip scone mix.... and some others. 

Unfortunately the flyers I made are not going to arrive in time :(  So I am going to have to make up some generic one's and run copies off at Staples... so I atleast have something.  All my promo stuff is supposed to arrive on Friday... so close :(

I am pretty excited for this event - I really, really hope there is a big turn out....  It is getting close to the holidays, so hopefully there will be A LOT of gift giving shopping.  I think the mixes make great gifts.  Especially when I make them pre-gift wrapped!

I am still not sure what to make....  I guess I will stick with the cupcakes... they always are a hit and I can get a lot of samples from one mix.  Maybe cookies again too.  Tomorrow is gonna be another baking day!!  I have to start early though since I am also having dinner with a friend tomorrow evening.... ahhhh.... December is such a busy month.  I still have to start Christmas shopping..... my boyfriend and I are going to have a little online shopping event tonight using both of our laptops :D  Shopping in your pjs is the best - haha.  Especially with a glass of wine too!

Well, I am going to sort through everything and I need to change over all my signage since November is officially over after today.... new promotions start. :)

I will be sure to take photos of my baking and the gifty items I create in the next 2 days.

Until tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

And we grow again!

Some good news today.... We added another team member today... first one from CA.  Welcome Isabel and Congrats Manon!  I love getting those emails :)  I love seeing my downline grow... it is very motivating and keeps me working hard!

I am super tired today....  I so need a day off :)  I have a busy night ahead with Amway...  I am going over a friends house (sort of my sponsors) and then to a team members house.  Should be fun though :)  I have not really done too much with Amway yet, since I focus on Do You Bake?... but I already have a downline which is awesome :)  Any extra money is great and my dream of working full-time from home inches closer and closer. 

My back, neck and teeth are a little unbearable today.  I really need to get to the doctor soon.... ugh

I am hoping to get my order in this week as well as some promo materials.  I would like to have a little more product for Thursday's event. :) I also cannot wait to get that new rice cooker!! 

Well other than that - not much else is going on.  I am hoping that I get some more events and parties for December.... although I know its a crazy month.  But I do have 2 events and I am hoping they are both successful! 

Until tomorrow... or the next day :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

After Thanksgiving...

Well I hope everyone had a awesome Thanksgiving.... I know I did :)  Lots of great food and the day with my family...  I had to work on Black Friday - so I did not rush our for any deals (not that I ever do) - I do not have any patience for that craziness... I know some people love it, but it's not for me.  I even even stopped at the mall on my way home... and left after about 15 minutes.... I hate shopping in crowds and waiting in line.... I much rather order it online and have it arrive at my house :)  Which is probably what I will end up doing!

Back to DYB news... I have a pretty big event this week that I am excited about.  It is Thursday night in NJ at the Mansion in Vorhees, NJ.  There are about 40 vendors that are going to be there - It's a charity event - with catered food and wine!  Should be a lot of fun.... I hope I get some good business!  Wed., and Thurs. are going to be super busy days!

I got soooo many good deal for Black Friday though though Vistaprint.... I got over 300.00 worth of promo stuff for 50.00 :)  I can't wait till it all somes in!!

My friend is also having a Christmas party this December - so I am going to bring lots of goodies there too :)

So this week is mainly going to focus on the event Thursday.... I have a lot of other stuff I have to do this week as well - Busy, busy as usual. 

I am hoping December turns out to be a great month - I can't wait to see the new promotions!

So far we had one for consultants and looks great!  Who doesn't love free stuff!!

Well, I am off to do laundry and work on the computer.  Trying hard not to take a nap, but I just made myself a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich from leftovers and I am very sleepy now :)

Unitl next time.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A new level... Hooray!

Great news today - One of my consultants recruited a new member to their team!  Which gives me a third level to my team - which is awesome!  Congrats to Manon and Welcome Brenda!!

I did also buy a domain name yesterday....

It just takes you to my Do You Bake? site, but I thought it would be easy for people to remember - and of course I like the name :)

The brochure is done and ordered....  I will posts pics once I receive it.  I got a ton of free offers from Vistaprint today.... I am soooo going to take advantage of those.  Promote, promote, promote!!

Well today is a short day - It was supposed to be my day off, but then I worked - and I am having dinner at a friend's house. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!  Enjoy the time with your family and friends!! :)

Be back on Friday! Gobble Gobble!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

crazy day.....

Well today was just as my title says... a "crazy day" - Work, then driving a friend home from the airport... then family drama - which ended up taking up the rest of my day.  Fun - fun.

I did however put my new bumper sticker on my car as well as my back window decal.  I will post the pics on FB - it was a little dark out, but you can still see it.

I did end up placing my order last night too :) I can't wait to receive my new stuff!  This week, I will also be placing the order for the new rice cooker and rice mixes! Can't wait to try them! YUM!!!

I found out today that one of the charity events I was planning on attending was pushed back to the spring time :(  That was a little disappointing... but hopefully it will be a even bigger and better event in the spring.

Well, I am off to bed early tonight... busy, busy week :)  After the holidays - hopefully things will settle down and I can get more focused! :)

Until tomorrow....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And the journey continues....

Well today I got some motivation back!  Do You Bake? had it first monthly newsletter and it was great and pretty much about everything I was feeling.... I am a very determined and although I can get easily discouraged and have a lack of patience - I have ambition and goals - and that is what keeps me going.

I got some more cds from my friend who sells Amway and those really helped as well.... It is always nice to hear about others success that were just ordinary people at one time... I think to myself.. "If they can.... I can!"  I did decide to buy an Amway website.... It is really worth it for me since I use all of their products.  Do You Bake? is my main focus.... but I couldn't pass up the deal.  Since I started taking their vitamins I feel great!  Plus their eye cream is amazing!  All of my little wrinkles have disappeared in less than 4 weeks.... I will forever buy that! haha - I am also addicted to energy drinks - so buying them from myself will alone be worth it! haha

If you want to take a look...

So now I am finally home....  I have started on my brochures so I have them for my next event.  I also have to place an order either tonight or tomorrow....  we will see how the night goes.  With picking up extra hours at work, I am going to have to go to sleep earlier since I will be waking up at 4am the next 3 days... ugh (I am kinda regretting saying yes to that! lol) 

Plus! I still need to transfer all my files from one laptop to another!  I have procrastinating with that.....

Well... I have to get up super early.... so until tomorrow :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeling some discouragement....

So.... sad to say, the event last night was not a success.  Maybe if people came, it would have been - but no one showed up to the event :(  I did however make some sales to the few that came and I made some good new contacts.  Once woman loved the stuff and wants to give them as gifts (she bought a few of my ready made gifts too) and she is thinking about having a party in January.  And I did give out some business cards to the few that were there.... I did have another vendor buy a mix too (which is always nice) - So I guess it had to happen sooner or later.  I was really sitting in a room with a bunch of other vendors and not one person came in for a very looooong time.....  The vendors even broke down early.... it was a sad sight.  Some people didn't sell a thing.  But, hopefully I will get some business from those that I spoke with.  I was feeling discouraged last night.... it just felt like a huge waste of time.  That is why I didn't write last night.... I just went to bed.  But my optimism kicked back in this morning so I guess I just needed to sleep on it.

Today I got lots of my promo items in!  I need to wash my car so I can put my decal on the back window and my bumper sticker!  Plus I got my little buttons, my front yard sign, and some other things.  I was pretty happy about that.  They came out really nice :) 

And I had to cancel my event for tonight.  I had some personal reasons and had to make a choice.  So add that to my discouragement :( 

But then, I got another party booked for January!  So that is 3 now and a great way to start off the year as well as the sales contest! :) 

It has been a roller coaster of 2 days and I am beat!  This week is Thanksgiving and I am working more hours at the airport... gotta love holiday travel and all the "happy people" - haha.  For those traveling, please be nice to your local TSA officer - they are just doing their job :)

I am trying to decide what mix I want to make for Thanksgiving as well as get my Christmas list together.  The mixes make great gifts as well as the candles!  I am gonna give my dad one of the nut mixes!

So tonight I am going to work on the computer...  I really want to make up a product brochure.  I had a few lists last night and they were snatched up quickly.  People keep wanting to see a list, so I think I will make one up for them to take.  Plus, I want to send out some cards to people I know to give them great holiday gift ideas! 

So other than all that - I am pretty blah today.  My back is really hurting me as well.... can't wait to get to the doctor this week! :)

Until tomorrow.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another day of baking!

So today, I did a whole lot of baking again!  I made vanilla and pumpkin cupcakes... 98 total and about 70 small chocolate chip cookies (which were amazing) - I have 2 events this weekend now - so I had to make extra!  The house smelled so good today and I had to keep my family from stealing the merchandise! haha

I bought a 6ft. table today at Walmart (can't beat their prices) since I need a table for a few upcoming events.  I am hoping I get some parties booked! And sell sell sell!

I had an idea today to find inexpensive dog bowls, I saw some at TJ Maxx and combine that with our Dog Treat Mix as a little gift package.... People love holiday gifts for dogs.  I am going to try it out in my December charity events.

So last night I got an email for an invite to "The Woman in You - Health and Fashion Expo in Arlington, VA Fashion Centre Mall - I have no idea how they got my email, but it was cool to see that they did.  It's in Jan., but it costs $790.00 for 2 days!!!!  Although that would be amazing.... I am not at that level yet - haha... maybe one day, I will be able to do big Expo's.... It would be soooo much fun to see that many people and sample and sell!!

Oh and my friend's mom is a realtor and wants to use my candles as welcome gifts to her clients!  I was excited about that - she is starting out in real estate and loves my products!  So that would be awesome to get my name out there with the giveaways she wants to do with my candles! :)  I hope it all works out :)

So tonight I have just organizing to do.... lots of printing for my labels and the new promo flyers.  I hope I sell lots to place a big order this weekend!!

So a big event in the future is in March in NJ - It is huge Girls Night Out!  I am pretty excited about it and will probably have to recruit a friend to help me since it will be a lot larger and a lot of people.... I will have to make sure I am really stocked up on cash and carry items.... I was also thinking about serving some savory items... but I have to see how that would work out and if I have electricity at the table. :)  It should be a lot of fun and this is the most expensive event I will be doing so far, but I think the exposure alone will be well worth it!  They are also having goodie bags for 150 people if you want to put an item in - but that would be a lot of extra money.  I have to see how the next couple of months go.

Can you tell I have been listening to motivational cds the past few days???? haha - I am so motivated and excited :)

I am going to make up some little gifts tonight and put some mixes in little cello bags with ribbon to make a little grab and go gift at the events these next two nights....  From working in retail for so long, everyone loves ready to give gifts!

Well... that is all for tonight... I will post how I do with the next 2 nights... Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Until tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

another day......

Well I just got home from running a bunch of errands - which included some of the Turkey Day shopping :)  I really am anxious to go to the Dr. this Tuesday to find out what I did to my back.... it just seems to be getting worse :(

I found a great deal on some gift bags today - just plain ones.... but I am going to print out stickers to place on the bags to have little shopping bags for the 2 larger charity events I have in the beginning of December... I figured it would be cute and maybe people will buy more if I give them a bag to put it in! haha

Last night I got some great news about a Black Friday promotion!  I am pretty excited about it since it announced new products!!  A rice steamer as well as rice mixes!  I can't wait to try them!  We also got a promotion for customers!  I am posting some details on Facebook - but if you are looking to have a Do You Bake? party in December - now is the time to book it!!  Contact me for more details or questions! :)

I got a call today about being a vendor at an event this weekend!  It is a Ladies Night Out event at a place called the Well Loft right outside Philadelphia - It ts a fitness boutique - they offer yoga and spinning classes - so it should be fun!  They are having a charity organization there called the Career Wardrobe and are serving wine and desserts.  I am pretty excited!!  It should be a fun night!

My online party has been postponed... probably till January.  I will figure out the details, but I wanted to let everyone know - sorry for any inconveinences :)

The Amway presentation went really well last night.... I love their products!!  I use them all the time anyway - I might just join to get a discount! haha

OH - I got a party booked today for the new year!  sooooo excited about that :)

I decided to do a cash raffle at my upcoming events (thanks for the idea Jen) - that way I can get some people over to the table and hopefully make some money - The raffle will be my Turkey Day Special Gift Basket! :)

So I know that there are a lot of people out there that think I am crazy and this is just another one of my crazy jobs (I change occupations alot), but I am very determined and motivated to make this work.  I love this compnay and the products!  I am good at this and enjoy spending hours on my laptop, going to events and baking cupcakes! haha - I know I will be a success and as I am sipping a margarita next December on the beach from winning a trip from my sales contest - I will smile.... I will not be discouraged! :)

Well I am off to eat, have a glass of wine and enjoy my evening :)  Tomorrow is another day of baking cupcakes! mmmmmm.....

Until tomorrow.....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome another new member! :)

Well today I received another new member to my growing team - Welcome Lisa!!  It's very exciting! 

Lots of news today.... So for the winter, DYB is having a Vacation Giveaway to the Bahamas!!  The trip is for next December and I soooo want to be on that cruise!  I am so not a winter person - so this will keep me motivated and not oo into hibernation! - haha - 2011 will be my year!

OH! My ads are up for some more websites! :)  Let's hope they bring in some interest!  I found out today that the people we recruit can be placed anywhere in my downline!  I think that is awesome and a great tool to use to help build your downline....  I want it to keep growing and growing!

Here are the sites - check them out!

Pretty cool :)

Oh - also late last night I got my first big order in :)  I was very excited.... I need to make $1000.00 in my first 60 days and I am getting close!  I hope these upcoming events really help and maybe get me some home parties booked!

Well that is about all for today.... I have to get ready for an Amway seminar that I am going to for a friend - she sells it.  Maybe I can get some good ideas to apply to DYB? - should be fun.  Plus I do love their products - their skincare and vitamins are amazing!!!

Until tomorrow... Next 2 days off - woohoooo!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another day on the computer....

So today is kinda nice - I do not have anywhere to go, so after work I got into my PJ's and sat in front of my computer.  I am trying to figure out more ads - I sent out an email to all my contacts with the November promotions and a teaser I gto today about upcoming December promotions and some secret Black Friday promotion :) can't wait to see what that is!  Also there is a winter contest coming up for a brand new Kitchen-Aid!  Wouldn't that be nice!

I will be placing an order by the end of the week - anyone reading this who lives locally - let me know if you want to place an order - you can save on shipping! :)

I still have to place some ads for my online party and figure that all out - I am still curious how this all goes.... if it goes well I will probably have another one at the end of the month.  If you are interested check out the invite on my FB - The Roaming Cupcake page.

I am trying out some Yahoo groups to see how that work.... it is free so that is always good :)

Well, I am going to list my events for this week on Craigslist and my Do You Bake website....

Oh today, I ordered a large window decal for the back window of my car :)  Hoping when people are driving behind me - they take down my web address on their phones! haha.  Can't wait till all my promo stuff arrives.  Hopefully I do well this week and make some money!

Oh and I also submitted myself to search engines... so we shall see if I ever show up :) haha

Well, I am off to eat dinner and roam around the web... plus I need to start making an order list for this end of this week. 

Until tomorrow.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

And some time to relax.....

Last night turned out to be pretty good!  There was about 60-65 people there, which was a little better tun out than the night before.  I had a great time with the exception of a little drama from another vendor.  This woman accused a table (which had my friends and family) of not putting in enough quarters!  It was unbelievable - plus I had purchased an item from her and we all loved her stuff - she then was talking about them to other vendors - it was very rude and unprofessional.  I returned my item to her and told her how her behavior was unacceptable.  The good thing is that she will not be allowed to any more of their events - which is great because that just creates a bad experience for people.  She could have had so many sales from me alone! But lost them all over a few quarters.... people never cease to amaze me.  But otherwise - it was a great night - I made lots of new contacts - sold some mixes and a candle.  And as always, people loved my cupcakes!  They all went his time - no leftovers.  So I am hoping that people will call or email me and order some products! 

I want to get that newsletter started to for the emails I collected at the events.  I think that things are now starting to get rolling....  People are really loving the products and hopefully they will pass it along to friends.

I am going to have a full page ad in the directory on the website:

Check it out when you can - this is also the site that I will be having my online party on this upcoming Thursday!  I will be posting a invite on The Roaming Cupcake as well as my personal FB page.  I just submitted the copy so it should be up this week.  I hope that brings in some people.

Well - I actually have an Amway party to go to today :)  Should be fun.... maybe someone there will want to have a party for Do You Bake?

Until tomorrow......

Saturday, November 13, 2010

1 down - 1 to go :)

Well I have a few hours before my next event.... so I had some time to write - since I am pretty organized. :)  I just have a frost some cupcakes....

Well last night was a lot of fun.... I had a few cupcake casualities on the way from the lovely roads of Philadelphia and South Jersey.... but no worries, they did not go to waste.  Infact they ended up in my stomach! haha

The hotel was really nice - they had it in a small banquet hall and had a cash bar as well.  About 45 people showed up, which was not too bad - I was hoping for more though considering the price to have a table at the event.  People LOVED my cupcakes and I did sell some stuff this time :)  I made out pretty good on the auctions as well.  My business cards arrived yesterday which was great and I passed a ton out.  I had lots of questions and comments and some people even signed up to receive my newsletter - (which I really have to finish this week - like Monday).  It was a lot of fun though - and I am feeling more confortable.  I wish I could book a party - some people asked but no bookings.  Maybe someone will call or go on my site.

Tonight's event is in a Bar/Restaurant - so that should be interesting.  I am hoping lots more people show up tonight being a Saturday.  I have some friends coming out as well as my boyfriend :) It should be great! 

This week, I really want to get lots done - I have to submit my two ads for a website.  I will give a link, once it is up and running.  I have the online party to finalize and plan - plus a craft show next Friday.  That will be something new - so I am excited!  Plus I was thinking about doing a direct mailing campaign for recruiting as well as product promotions for December.... I hope  can get maybe a little advance notice on the promotions :) That way I can get them out right away - I will prob focus in the Philly area.  Since, that would be close for me.  I am not sure yet though - I am still planning it. but I think it would be great for the holidays and after things settle down after the holidays :)  I am trying to think of an offer to give to people.....  My mind is constantly racing :)  I keep a notebook with me now to write down ideas.  It is a lot of fun....after the holidays, if all goes well, I think I might register a business name with a DBA, so I can keep my funds seperate and start running this is a real business.... but we'll see.

I have a lot more time these next few weeks, while I am on a break from classes - no homework :)  I will be back in class on December 15th - so until then, I have much more time to put into Do You Bake?

I'll either write tonight ot tomorrow about the event tonight! :)

Until next time....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baking.... and more baking

Well today, I baked more than I have in my entire life I think :)  I made 192 mini-cupcakes, a loaf of Italiano Beer Bread, 2 mini-plain beer breads, and a batch of mocha brownies..... but atleast it is all done now and I am all set for my next two events this weekend. 

I have my shipment coming in the knick of time tomorrow - I still have to make a gift baket as well as a few cello bags for the auctions.  I am so excited, but stressed as well.  I am hoping to look back on all this one day and say to myself, "that was sooooo worth it" :)

I did not have any time for advertising today... I had lots of emails to answer and send out.  Plus getting everything ready since I work in the morning - I have to come to back to my boyfriends - pack up my car - go to my house in Philly - pack up the rest... then drive to Jersey.  And then to do it all again on Saturday.  So that being said - I will probably not be able to write again till Sunday.... I am sure I will crash tomorrow night.  If I have time to write from my iphone, I will do that.

On my driving around today, I did decide to download some podcasts about direct sales... I got some good ideas and it was fun to listen to.  Gave me some motivation....  One person named Shari Hudspeth gave lots of good info.  She has a website with lots of training materials.... I have to sit down next week and look into it more. 

Well, I have some flyers to print out - I want to bring my flyers for December that are in Jersey to the event tomorrow - hopefully some people will come to the others as well.  And the same for Media, PA on Saturday.  I got cute snowflake paper to print them on :)  Plus, I have to make sure I am all set to go before I head to sleep.  I am pretty sleepy already!

Busy, busy..... Until tomorrow or the next day :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's been a great 24 hours....

Well these last 24 hours have been great!  I have had 2 new members join my team between last night and today.  (Welcome Manon and Candy!).  So that was very exciting.  Plus I have been getting great support from the company with my upcoming events - I am very excited to see the progress of this!  :) 

Also today, I bought myself a new laptop! I needed one so bad - mine was slowly dying.... It's a Sony Vaio and purple!  So far, I love it.  It will be so helpful for the business as well as school.

I gave registration fees for 2 upcoming events in December - both for charities.  More to come on those. 

I am also going to be featured in an advertisement/webpage for the Sales MOMS website. They have a prettty large customer base - so I am hoping to get some exposure as well as possibly get some people to email/ call me. 

Well, I have a lot of emails to write as well as lists to make.  Tomorrow is going to be full of baking and organizing!  I am very excited about this weekend... hopefully my back holds up :)  My mind is really racing and I am a little scatter-brained :)  I need to make a list....

But all in all, I feel like a lot of progress has been made and for such a short time frame.  These next two months should be really interesting.  I also feel busier and busier.  But it is fun and I can't wait to see what happens.  I have to say that so far this has exceded my expectations.  I am growing to really love this company and the products are amazingly delicious!

On a side note - please take a moment tomorrow to think of all the soldiers that have served this country in the past and present and the lives they have given for this country!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting ready for event #2 and #3

Well I am doing lots of organizing today....

I put lots of photos up on facebook - check it out @ The Roaming Cupcake - Please "Like" Me

I also placed another order so I would have more items to have for the events as well as the new nut mixes which I can't wait to try :) and I ordered a Beer Pizza Dough! That's sounds so yummy! I will have to try it out on my new pizza stone I got for my bday.

I was listed on a website today:

I hope it gets some notice!

So the next few days should be crazy... I almost thought about cancelling these 2 events, but I thought more about it today and realized I can squeeze the time in :)  Plus, I think these events are going to be a lot of fun and they are much closer to home. I am going to sample 3 different cupcakes - pumpkin, chocolate, and vanilla -  at these events plus some Italiano Beer Bread. I can't wait to try a pumpkin cupcake!

I am hoping to do some more advertising... but I am trying to keep the funds low. 

I am going back to Party City tomorrow to get better travelling trays as well as mini tin loaf pans.  I also need to make a trip to the grocery store. 

I am thinking about buying a new laptop this week.  Mine is slowly dying and the battery is drained.... I would like to have one to bring with me out and about - so we shall see.  I am loving the Sony Vaio - my boyfriend has one. 

I also just found out that my business cards as well as my t-shirt and decal should arrive this week! WooHoo :) 

Well that is about it for today.... I am going to continue with my planning as usual as well as research. 

I have a Dr. appt tomorrow... we shall see what happens with that.  I injured my back a few weeks ago and it doesn't seem to be getting better - it's worse infact!  UGH..... I am not looking forward to it.

Unitl tomorrow...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back online..... :)

Finally, we got a new router and that fixed the problem.  This weekend was very tiring, so I was unable to write.  We had weapons qualification on Sat. and Sun. and it was soooo cold out.  I was dead tired by the time I got home!

So in regards to the quarter auction on Friday.... it was very interesting to say the least, but lots of fun.  I was there later than expected and had a long drive home.  The environment was different - most of the vendors all knew each others as well as everyone who attended.  It was very local since it was in a firehouse.  People never heard of Do You Bake?, so I did get a lot of questions.  They LOVED my cupcakes!  I did ok on the auctions and got my name out there.  People took cards and wanted to see me come again, so hopfully as people get to know me as well as the brand, they will be more likely to BUY!  Since this was the first time I have ever been to a Quarter Auction, I tried to learn all I could.  Most of the night I was running around collecting quarters... I was thankful that I decided not to wear my heels! haha.  But overall it was a good night and I took some pictures that I will hopefully get up this week on Facebook.

Now for the other news...  I found out this weekend that I will be going on military orders nect week and leaving for Ft. Benning, GA and going to airborne school.  (I get to jump out of a plane!) It is for about a month.  The problem is that I am going to have to put all of this on hold for a bit.... I have to cancel my events for end of Nov and beginning of Dec.  I am hoping to get my deposits back :)  Most people have been very understandingso far.  So, unfortunately this blog as well as my business will have to slow down some - I won't be able to do much there. 

I will keep this updated until I leave :)

But we will see what happens....  My little experiment can always continue when I return :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

So I am home from drill weekend and now I am having Internet difficulties.... So it looks like that my post will have to wait until tomorrow. I am so tired after being an Army girl for the weekend :) more tomorrow - I promise!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finally... A chance to sit down

Well today was a busy, busy day!  But I did get a lot done.... although I am pretty sleepy right now and it's only 8:30pm :)

Well I did manage to get everything else I needed.  I went to Party City and got carrier boxes to transport the cupcakes and some serving trays/bowls.  I went to the bank to make sure I had change for the cash and carry products - and the post office to get a money order (since I still have to pay for tomorrow's event). 

My product arrived today!! Hooray!  Which is great because now I can display the Turkey Special plus the candles.  BTW, the candles smell amazing!  They made me hungry just from smelling them.  I wanted to burn one so bad to make my house smell that good!  I will have to get more and give some as gifts!  They are really pretty and you can tell they are quality candles.  I was very happy!

Well then I baked.... I made 66 mini-cupcakes, a loaf of beer bread and an onion and chive dip.  The cupcakes came out amazing!  I made all vanilla and half has dark chocolate frosting and the other half had a cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  I used the cinnamon spice mix and mixed it with a cream cheese frosting - YUM!  The bread also came out great - I am going to cut it up tomorrow so people can sample it and dip it in the onion chive dip if they want.

Then I attempted to make bite size brownies... notice I said attempt.  Well I guess I put too much batter in the mini muffin tins and they all decided to rise out of the pan and connect to one another.  Then, they did not want to come out of the pan!  I was so fustrated.  So no brownies tomorrow... BUT they did taste delicious and are great for making a brownie sundae :)  I am sure they will be enjoyed in the house!

Oh and the other good news!  I attempted my iron-on design again... well this time, I read the directions and it worked!  I was so happy and a little proud of myself.  I had this vision of my outfit and the apron and t-shirt just make the outfit.  The logo is on the front of the apron - then I am wearing a pale pink t-shirt and the logo is on the back of the t-shirt. :)  It looks pretty good if I do say so myself! (I'll take photos)

So aside for some other personal errands and laundry, it was a DYB kind of day!  I am very excited and nervous about tomorrow.  I hope things go well.  I feel prepared though.  Tomorrow is gonna be a long day with work in the AM and then this event in the PM, which is about an hour away.  Plus, I have my drill weekend (this weekend) with the Army Reserves..... that is going to be a long weekend.  I hope I still get a chance to write.  I guess I will have to see how long the days are.

I will take lots if pics and report back with all the details.  Hopefully I will learn a lot and then can be better for the next event!

Well I am pretty beat.  I am going to finish up and get everything ready and then go to sleep! 

Wish me luck! Until tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The day begins.... not so smoothly

Ok, so I am not the craftiest person (people who know me, know this), but I thought I could manage an iron-on sheet.... apparantly not.  I unfortunately did not have the directions on me, so I decided to wing it.  The first try - I was having trouble with the paper and ended up ruining the logo :( - my second try, I ended up melting half the image and its looks horrible!  So that was a bust.... for the future I decided to let the professionals handle this type of situation.... here I come.  At least I will have them in time for the next auctions. ugh.......

I put my 3 ads up on craigslist for the upcoming 3 events!  Let's hope they get some notice and people are able to come out and have a good time! :)

If you are on the Philadelphia or South Jersey Craigslist - check under "events" and you can see the ads :)

I also found another event today that I am going to be a part of - It's in December and it's a Shopping Extravagaza for Busy Moms - Sounded interesting :) I have to fill out the registration for and get that in as well. 

I went to staples... AGAIN... (I signed up for a rewards card today - haha) I got my "enter to win" cards printed out on cardstock (just to make it look a little nicer) - plus on card stock it will be easier to keep for collecting info.  I still have to print out my "Enter to Win" Sign and temporary business cards.  I am still not sure if I am just going to print my own or have Staples do it.  I really do not want to spend any more money... so I will probably end up doing it myself.  My real one are on ordered anyway. 

I just made my grocery list for tomorrow.  Luckily I had most of what I needed in the house already.  I just need a few things and beer for the bread.  As soon as I get the cards printed, I am going to make up the cello bags for the auctions.  I also decided that all the auction are going to get some brownies as a sample with the auction.  Plus if they like them (and why wouldn't they?), I have them available for cash and carry, so hopefully I can sell some. 

I am posting some things on facebook so you can see my progress and the ideas I had :)

I found another 2 events, but one is a little pricey and the other won't let me give out samples.  I am going to have to think about these two and see if they are worth it.  Both are in December, so I have a little time.

Some GOOD NEWS!  My order from Do You Bake? was shipped out today and will arrive to my house tomorrow.  Which is great, because now I can display the candles as well as the Turkey Day Special Gift Basket + other new items :)  Things are looking good!  The cello bags look great!  I think I am going to bring some cello bags and ribbon with me incase someone wants one as a gift and I can wrap them up real quick!

Oh, I did finish reading that book, "The Skinny on Direct Sales" - It's a cute book and a very easy read.  I do not know how much information it really has to give except to not quit direct sales in your first 100 days.  But it was a cute story and entertaining to say the least.  But if you are looking for an indepth reading of the subject - this is not the book for you. 

So over all it was a productive day - Lots of baking and last minute things to do tomorrow :)

Most pictures will be posted on Facebook this week - especially after the event!

Well that is all for now... until tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tired and Cranky.....

Well today was a bit of a fustrating day... some parts my fault, but I am very tired to say the least.  I almost tried talking myself into skipping the blog tonight, but then the little voice in my head said that this was something I set out to do and writing in the blog every day is a must!  So here I am.

To give you a little taste of my day.  After I got out of work this morning, I saw the employee bus and ran to catch it... not paying attention, I soon discovered that I was on the Cargo City bus that went no where near the employee parking lot.  So I took a 1/2 hour bus ride around the airport for nothing and ended up right back where I started!  I was so mad (but it was a little funny).  Then I sat in lots of traffic - had computer problems at home, had broken sign holders arrive in the mail - more traffic towards Andrew's (my boyfriends) - went to some stores...came back to Andrew's house and then took him to a car dealership that was over an hour away!  Finally got home at 9:30pm.  It has been a looooong day.  It is good to be in my pjs and now I am having a glass of wine before I crash for the night!

On a positive note, I got pretty much the rest of the stuff I needed for Friday.  I got the company logo emailed to me, so I am going to put this on an apron I bought and the back of a pink t-shirt so I can wear both.  I will post pics!  I also got a money box, sign holders, a basket to display product.... and printed out a bunch of stuff to make up two binders.  One binder is all product info and the other is all sales incentives and promotions. 

I also got my registration website up for the 2 upcoming quarter auctions on the 12th and 13th of November.  If you live near me please check it out and register to get your free paddle!  It should be lots of fun - I can't wait.  I am going to post the site on Facebook as well as Craigslist. :)

Pass it along to friends too!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!  I have to place the ads on Craigslist, make up my cello and gift bags, write descriptions and what I am going to say, organize and plan my displays, make my apron and t-shirt, print business cards and enter to win forms, last minute advertising for Friday, put pics on Facebook (yes, I found my cable), make a raffle sign, OH! and I need to find something to transport the samples in!  I think I might go to the dollar store or party store to buy some tin pans to hold the treats.  Plus I have to take Andrew back to that dealership so he can pick up his new car! :)

Atleast I have the next 2 days off and get lots done before Friday. 

Well, I am just going to organize some stuff, make a list, and then go to sleep.... trying to watch how the election turns out as well. 

I should have lots of picks up on my facebook tomorrow... make sure you like my page!

Night everyone!!  Until tomorrow...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting products together....

Well right now I am trying to sort everything out.  I have to submit my item descriptions for my 2 events on the 12th and 13th plus any offers I will be giving that night.  I also have to drop off my charity item for a craft fair next week (the event is on the 19th).  I am excited that things are finally going to start happening! 

Tomorrow, I have to make a grocery list of all the items I need for samples and put my cello bags together.  I was hoping that my business cards would come this week - they still might, but just incase I am going to make some of my own up so I have something for people to take, plus i want to make sure that each card is put in the cello bag and auction items.  I got my pink trays in the mail today... I thought they would "pop" nice on the table...  I also really need to study up on product info this week and what I am going to say!  I feel that not many people have heard of Do You Bake? So I am hoping to get lots of questions!

Today I made the original beer bread... YUM!  First of all the house smelled amazing and it was super easy to make!  All you have to add is beer and butter.  I added some garlic powder and cheddar cheese in the middle and it tasted soooooo good :)  I am definately going to have try the other flavors!

Well today is also my last day of class.... I get a little break till December :) - but I have lots of homework to do tonight.  And, I have to finish these emails for the quarter auctions.  Should be a busy next few days to prep!  So exciting! 

Until tomorrow....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Short post tonight due to the holiday :)

Found some good stuff today!  I got a tablecloth, cake decorating stuff, litttle ceramic loaf pans, ribbon and some really cute holiday boxes for December.  I am taking some advice and along with my auctions I am going to have some edible treats as well - so I figured I should make them look nice (and I found really inexpensive boxes and bags).

I am also posting my November specials on my facebook page tonight:

Please check it out and "like" my page :)

Well that is all for today... Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! Be safe :)

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Less than a week away...

Well it is less than a week away from my 1st event! So exciting and nervous...  I actually went to a food and wine festival today (which was amazing!  I got to meet (and hug) Fabio from Top Chef!) But aside from that, I met a lot of vendors and thought to myself, I wish I was here... selling!!  Maybe next year - I am sure an event like that costs a lot!  I made mental notes of which vendors I liked and which I did not.  It amazed me that some people were so shy or ignored people looking at their product!  My friend and I were actually at a table and wanted to try some BBQ sauce they had displayed.  We waited, and waited some more staring at the products and not one person (out of 3) came over to say hello, offered samples or even make eye contact!  I thought to myself, "Why are you even here?" Then there were the people engaging others - they let the product sell itself with samples... I even bought some tasty treats.  That was who I wanted to be - just a friendly face with smiles and food to offer people that tastes great!

Well, since I was at that festival all day after work... then homework (I am working on my Master's).  I was not able to make the beer bread today.  But, I have plans to make it tomorrow after work.

I am placing an order tonight for some more new seasonal product as well as all 4 scents of the candles.  There is even a Turkey Day Special that just came out.... You get:

I will definately have that out to display!  It sounds yummy.  I had to order the pumpkin cupcake and muffin mix.... there was just no question on that one, plus, it is that time of year... everything is pumpkin.  I even had pumpkin hummus samples today (which was delicious, btw)

I am also sorting what items I am going to give up for auctions and charities - I want to make sure that I atleast break even on these auctions.  I really appreciate the help and suppport I am getting from the company - with ideas, comments on my blog and quick answers to my emails.  It really keeps me motivated and can't wait to really start getting to work! 

Well that is really all I have for today... it was a full day for me and I have some more reading to do :)  I am anxious to really get this started and see what happens. I am so hoping... well planning... on success :) 

Oh, I also got my 3 tier cupcake stand today :) It will look even better filled with cupcakes!

I still need a tablecloth and chip and dip bowl for the bread and dip.  I might stop at a party or craft store tomorrow... I also still need ribbon for my cello bags (I got those today too).

I am just hoping that all this money being spent will invest in the money I am going to make in the upcoming months.  I am so hopeful and excited/motivated.  It feels great to come home and plan my business and wonder what the future will hold for me.  I feel proud of myself for taking this step... let's hope I achieve all I set out to do.

Thanks again to all my family and friends for their support! :)

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Product arrives.... home tasting!

So all of my books from Amazon arrived today... I am going to start reading today amd making notes and applying what I learned.

I also received my 50lb box of product that I ordered.  The new packaging is great! Especially on the seasoning bottles :)  I decided to make the yellow cupcakes today.  They were easy to make and made the house smell soooo good.  I made a simple chocolate frosting to compliment the yellow cupcakes.  They taste soooooo good!  The cakes came out really light and fluffy - great texture!  And they have a nice vanilla taste - not too sweet :) I am so happy that they are good....  now I can't wait to try the rest of the mixes and I am even more excited now to sell them!!.  I will post pictures on Facebook as soon as I can.  I need to find the cable for my camera - haha :)

Tomorrow, I am going to make the regular beer bread.  I can't wait to try it! 

I listed some more events on my site today as well!

Right now, I am trying to figure out these quarter auctions and what items I am going to sample as well as what I am going to give for the auction and charity.  I am going to have my own raffle at the table to collect info from people and give away a small candle.  I am going to place an order on Monday for the candles so I can see what they smell like as well as have samples out for people to look and smell - which will hopefully bring me in more orders! :)

Well I am off to read more books and probably look online some more before I go to sleep - and I will try not to eat another cupcake (but we all know that is not going to happen - haha)

Until tomorrow....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Progress made....

Well the website is coming along - you still can't shop from my site yet, but I was told that will be fixed (hopfully today)  I am now able to list my events on my site, which I will start doing, once I am confirmed for the event.

I did however finally get to order business cards and a t-shirt. :)  Those will be great to have.  The company is even putting my blog web address on the card for me :)  I thought that was great.  I also ordered a decal for my window.  They are getting more promo type supplies, but I figured this is a good start.

November looks like it is going to be a great month for incentives for consultants and well as customers and hostess'.  Stay tuned for more updates. I confirmed my online party for Novemeber 18th, 9:00pm - 11:00pm EST.  My cousin Lauren is going to be the hostess.... I will post the site up and everything prob starting after the weekend. 

Oh and I am having a dress made for bigger occassions - it is going to have cupcakes on it :) haha - I think it is going to be so cute!  Plus I will definately stand out and be memorable!  Pics will be posted once made!!

I just received an email that I am now listed on :)  I thought it was pretty cool and I already received a request for more info from someone!  I hope they keep coming!!  I will keep you all up to date.

I really want to be able to order the candles soon - they are now up on the website.  I think they look great and hope they smell great too!

Today I also have a webinar today on starting a newsletter and database for emails and other info.  I am trying out this compnay AWeber to see what kind of things they can offer.  I have heard good things and it was only 1.00 to try it out for the first month - so we shall see what happens.  I figure the more info I keep getting the better! - I really hope my books are delivered by tomorrow.  I also ordered an e-book on direct sales, and I want to get that printed out so it is easier to read and make notes.

Well that is all for today.... until tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slow day.....

Well today was not to eventful.  My website is still working out some glitches so I did not want to advertise too much since there is not much to do on the site.  I can't seem to edit it and the shopping from my site is not working.  But I understand these are all things that happen when something new is introduced. :)

I am going to try some mixes this weekend with my boyfriend's family.  Have them be my guinea pigs, so to speak.  I want to make sure I make them correctly and of course they taste good too! Plus they are all excited to try my products!

I did however list my name on some sites that were free or very inexpensive:

They take up to 3 days to be listed, but hopefully something will come out of them.  I am the only Do You Bake consultant on each one of those pages - so that's a plus. 

I did find 2 more events that I would like to partipate in, but the trouble is that they are on the same day - one is in the morning and one is in the evening.  I don't think that I can do both - so we will have to see.  I will prob do the one in the evening since it works better with my work schedule :)

Other than that, it has been a pretty slow day.  I did however make myself a signature for my email and tonight I am going to post my upcoming event on facebook.

Quarter Auction
WHEN:   Monthly - the first Friday of every month
               Doors open at 6PM, Quarter Auction starts at 7PM
WHERE: Columbia Consolidated Fire Hall, 200 Block of South 10th Street, Columbia PA 17512      
               (Lancaster County PA.)
DESCRIPTION: This is a quarter auction. There are many vendors. Lots of good food. And plenty to buy
                            as well as eat.

I am very excited!!

So far I have a total of 5 events booked for November.  I am sooooo hoping that this brings in a lot of business as well as some new consultants. 

So plans for the rest of the evening will be more planning of course and figuring out who and where I want to adversise with.  I wish we had catalogs to leave places - maybe in the future.  But maybe I can also make up a flyer to leave places.... we shall see. 

I keep thinking about the future and if this was my full time job, it would be amazing! Selling awesome products and spending the rest of the days being creative, advertising and promoting.... it sounds like the perfect job for me :)  As long as I stay focused an on the plan. I told myself this would be a year experiment and I am going to do my best to keep to that plan.  I feel a good connection with this company :)

Well tomorrow I have another day off.... hopefully I can get some more done. I expect to get all my product this week as well as the stuff from amazon and eBay - so it should end as a great week! :)  

Until tomorrow... 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am online....well sort of

So I finally got my web page and email!! Hooray! Except the site is still not up and running, but I am told that it should be by end of day - which is perfect because I have the next two days off so I can promote myself like crazy online!!

I found some more events last night, so hopefully the people will get back to me soon.  I also did great on eBay getting more stuff! I got a three-tier square display, platters, tongs, taster spoons - all for real cheap! so excited :)  My table is going to look awesome!  I need to get a tablecloth at some point as well and possibly a table....

I am currently setting up my facebook page, linked to my personal page. I called it "The Roaming Cupcake" Why the Roaming Cupcake you ask?  Well, because I am pretty much travelling all over to promote my business as well as online and I do have some close similarities to a cupcake - haha.  I will post a link on here once I get some substance to it as well as link it to my individual FB page.

I am also going to change my voice mail incase I start getting phone calls.  (fingers crossed)

Other big news I received today was that the company is launched an "At Home" line of products.  To kick things off they are introducing natural soy candles with delicious "baking" flavors! * Vanilla Cupcake * Pumpkin Roll * Coffee cake and Spice * and *Hot Apple Pie * These look great and I can't wait to try them.  They are will make great holiday gifts as well as great items to sumbit in the quarter auctions!  After all, who doesn't love candles? :)  I am hoping to puchase one of each flavor in the next week so I can aleast have some to show at my table and people can smell them.

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to advertise as well as how much money I am willing to spend.  Luckily I did find some free sites that I can list on.  Then there is craigslist - which could be useful.  There are so many work at home sites out there - I am trying to find one's that have good page layouts, easy to navigate as well as get a lot of traffic! - But I an not going to pay for anything until my site is definately up and running.

Well that's all for today... I am going out to a Halloween themed dinner in Philadelphia and then off to Eastern State Penitentary for some haunted goodness :) Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Order Placed!

Well, I placed my first order :)  I got about 35 mixes to start me out.  This way I can have some items to bring with me to events that people can buy while they are there instead of having to wait.  I myself am an impulse buyer, so I know from first hand experience that if it is there to buy - people will buy it!

I got a lot of new info from the company today that has me super excited.  It is fun to watch a company grow - especially when you are a part of the growing process!!

I also placed an order today also for some fun baking stuff and display stuff.  I got cello bags to make my products look more gifty for the auctions and raffles as well as colorful cupcake liners, mini-cupcake pan, a display tier for the cupcakes/brownies and some little things to help decorate.  My cousin gave me a great idea today to make brownies in mini-muffin pans so I can have bite size brownie samples and they will look great too!  Thanks Lauren :)

As soon as I get my facebook page up (when I get a website and email), I will start posting pics of products as well as any events I do.  It should be fun!

I made up some enter to win ballets today (with cupcakes on them of course!)  - I am going to have a "give-a-way" at my table.  This way I can collect more info from people as well as having my sign-in book.  I asked for their name, number, email as well as if they are interested in having a party - being a consultant - or just some product information.

Well hopefully, I get my website up today... still waiting on that.  They are getting redesigned so I understand the wait - but I am impatient by nature and have all these ideas waiting... Plus, I have to get my info in to my online party happening next month.  I am still a little confused on this idea - but it should be interesting and a learning experience to say the least.  As soon as I get the website too, I am going to send it out to all my family and friends and hopefully they pass it along to their friends as well.

Well friends, I am off to troll the internet for more local events, info and planning.  I am gonna check out eBay too for some cool funky platters that I can use at my table.  I don't want to be boring! :)  Until tomorrow.....