Thursday, October 28, 2010

Progress made....

Well the website is coming along - you still can't shop from my site yet, but I was told that will be fixed (hopfully today)  I am now able to list my events on my site, which I will start doing, once I am confirmed for the event.

I did however finally get to order business cards and a t-shirt. :)  Those will be great to have.  The company is even putting my blog web address on the card for me :)  I thought that was great.  I also ordered a decal for my window.  They are getting more promo type supplies, but I figured this is a good start.

November looks like it is going to be a great month for incentives for consultants and well as customers and hostess'.  Stay tuned for more updates. I confirmed my online party for Novemeber 18th, 9:00pm - 11:00pm EST.  My cousin Lauren is going to be the hostess.... I will post the site up and everything prob starting after the weekend. 

Oh and I am having a dress made for bigger occassions - it is going to have cupcakes on it :) haha - I think it is going to be so cute!  Plus I will definately stand out and be memorable!  Pics will be posted once made!!

I just received an email that I am now listed on :)  I thought it was pretty cool and I already received a request for more info from someone!  I hope they keep coming!!  I will keep you all up to date.

I really want to be able to order the candles soon - they are now up on the website.  I think they look great and hope they smell great too!

Today I also have a webinar today on starting a newsletter and database for emails and other info.  I am trying out this compnay AWeber to see what kind of things they can offer.  I have heard good things and it was only 1.00 to try it out for the first month - so we shall see what happens.  I figure the more info I keep getting the better! - I really hope my books are delivered by tomorrow.  I also ordered an e-book on direct sales, and I want to get that printed out so it is easier to read and make notes.

Well that is all for today.... until tomorrow :)

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