Monday, October 25, 2010

First Order Placed!

Well, I placed my first order :)  I got about 35 mixes to start me out.  This way I can have some items to bring with me to events that people can buy while they are there instead of having to wait.  I myself am an impulse buyer, so I know from first hand experience that if it is there to buy - people will buy it!

I got a lot of new info from the company today that has me super excited.  It is fun to watch a company grow - especially when you are a part of the growing process!!

I also placed an order today also for some fun baking stuff and display stuff.  I got cello bags to make my products look more gifty for the auctions and raffles as well as colorful cupcake liners, mini-cupcake pan, a display tier for the cupcakes/brownies and some little things to help decorate.  My cousin gave me a great idea today to make brownies in mini-muffin pans so I can have bite size brownie samples and they will look great too!  Thanks Lauren :)

As soon as I get my facebook page up (when I get a website and email), I will start posting pics of products as well as any events I do.  It should be fun!

I made up some enter to win ballets today (with cupcakes on them of course!)  - I am going to have a "give-a-way" at my table.  This way I can collect more info from people as well as having my sign-in book.  I asked for their name, number, email as well as if they are interested in having a party - being a consultant - or just some product information.

Well hopefully, I get my website up today... still waiting on that.  They are getting redesigned so I understand the wait - but I am impatient by nature and have all these ideas waiting... Plus, I have to get my info in to my online party happening next month.  I am still a little confused on this idea - but it should be interesting and a learning experience to say the least.  As soon as I get the website too, I am going to send it out to all my family and friends and hopefully they pass it along to their friends as well.

Well friends, I am off to troll the internet for more local events, info and planning.  I am gonna check out eBay too for some cool funky platters that I can use at my table.  I don't want to be boring! :)  Until tomorrow.....

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