Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love a day off....

So today, my boyfriend took my car to his work and then he has class... so I can't leave the house today, which is oh so nice :)  Plus, my group project is done for the week.... so it should be a good day.  I am going to be adding a new page to my blog - GIVEAWAYS - this way (since I have a bunch of giveways coming up), I can post them all on one page.  Hopefully in the future, as the blog gets more popular, I can add more pages... maybe host a giveaway of my own :)

So I got an email yesterday for another goodie bag promotion... it's for a mom's event at a preschool (100 bags), so that should be good.  Luckily I have some extra postcards to submit.  I am going to have to order more next week... since I am very low and I still need lots for March.

I am very excited for my party this weekend... I am hoping the weather holds up.  I really wish I just had more time for DYB? - I had about 5 events I had to turn down because of work or the Army. :(  It is disappointing... but unfortunately, I have bills and living expenses.  Hopefully one day as DYB? grows, it can replace some of my jobs :)

I have a call today at 3pm for another Direct Sales Leader...Nicki Keohohou.  I am going to listen to another call in a bit as well from Debrena Jackson Gandy.  Oh and I started a new book - I put the link on the left... I got it on my i-Pad (Kindle app) - so far, it is really good!  It got great reviews and I like her.  I listened to her call the other day.... she has some great ideas.  The more info, I get the better - right? :)

I did find another event that I can do.  But it is not until September.  But atleast I will get in nd have something to look to after the summer.  I cannot wait till spring and summer!!  I am so over this cold and icy weather.  It really depresses me... Some days, it is hard to shake.

I am also going to be featured on a blog for 31 days :)  It's a program that about 200 bloggers are participating in.... so we shall see how that goes :)  I will post it when it goes up - I think it starts Feb. 7th.

OH... I have a special promotion for new consultants that want to join!!  So if you are reading this and are interested... message me or email me and I will tell you about it. I am offering to pay 1/2 of new consultant kits! You will not want to miss out on this one!  And it is only till Feb. 14th!  If another consultant mentioned this deal to you.... let me know who it was :)

Well that is all for tonight.... I am off to pour myself a glass of wine and watch some movies :) 

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  1. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the follow. I am following you on both facebook and google. Good luck with your new sales venture.