Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So today was a rough day... I am having trouble keeping my eyes open!  haha - late night and then crazy work day... It amazes me how crazy people act once they get inside an airport... confusion and anxiety sets in as well as losing most if not all of their common sense.  I try so hard to be patient.... it is very hard.  Also, I have to laugh at the many things I hear everyday.... people think they are so clever with the things they say or try to be funny.  I do not think they realize that I hear the same things over and over and over everyday! hehe - On the bright side, I had the highest scores this month which gave me a little bonus :)  I also applied for a new position today (well a few different ones with the same agency) in a bunch of different states....  Maybe picking up and moving would be a nice change...

I also had an interesting call today from someone putting together a career expo for work at home professionals - she wants me to go and represent DYB? - we shall see.  I sent an email off to the company to see what they think.... I think it would be lots of fun!! 

My Review/Giveaway was posted last night... I put the link in the giveaway section if you want to check it out and enter to win!  Hopefully it will get me some notice... It will be up till the 22nd. :)  I think it is a lot of fun... can't wait till more go up!

Today, I received an email from a Direct Sales company that I was thinking of joining before DYB? - well the email, said that they were closing!  They were around for 7 years and are now closing their doors... so happy I didn't join!  :) - must be terrible for their consultants :(

Well, I am off to send out some emails.... get another package ready to ship.  I have work in 2 hours :(  ugh.... at least I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Until next time....


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