Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Success.... :)

Ahhh busy weekend :) 

So the party was great on Saturday... not as many people showed up, but it was still nice and they food tuned out great!  The spinach dip is AMAZING!  The recipe is up on my recipes page.... YUM!  I really enjoyed it for my first one and was kinda happy it was small, so I can get more used to it and get more and more comfortable.  Now... I have to get ready for the next one this upcoming Sunday :)

I have a review coming up on the following Blog... I am also mentioned in her post that links to DYB?  I will be on there for 31 days... I believe my review and giveaway will go up in March...
I had a sales call with DYB? last night.... lots of great stuff.  I am really going to try and focus more on my downline as well as parties :)We shall see.... sounds like we have some lots of new products coming out in the future which is awesome!  We also had a business website launched this weel to help consultants.  I think it is great since we will all be able to gather there, collect info as well as share. 

Oh and I got another goodie bag promotion for the end of Feb.... so that is 3 now.  Let's hope, I get some parties or sales :)

I am starting that new job tonight for 6pm-Midnight.  So this week should be fun - haha.  Busy, busy.

Oh and last night I took out my stovetop popcorn popper and made some popcorn with DYB Jazzy Pizazz Popcorn Seasoning... very tasy and I only used a little oil to cook the popcorn, so it is a great healthy snack :) Tonight I made Potato Wedges (thin like french fries) with the DYB? French Fry Seasoning! Super easy to make and oooooo sooooo yummy! Plus such a better alternative to fried food :)
I need to go out and buy a sweet potato this week to try the sweet potato seasoning! 

Other than that... I am hoping to get some stuff done this week.  I have 3 reviews/giveaways going out this week... so hopefully that will go well. :)

Well, I am off to finish my fries and get ready for work... at least I can stay in my PJs :)

Until next time!


  1. Hi! I also made the Spinach Dip on Sunday for a Super Bowl party. Everybody loved it! And it is sooo easy to make! DYB? Garlic & onion seasoning made the dip extra delicious.

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