Saturday, October 23, 2010

The waiting game...

Well, I had every intention on writing yesterday - but after running around all day doing errands and a friend's going away party - it just didn't happen. :)

But yesterday I received my new consultant kit (well the products anyway).  I can't wait to try them out and see how they come out.  I got a good variety and they should be good to bake at my first event. I got brownies, cupcake mix, beer bread, carrot cake, pie crust and a variety of spices to make yummy dips! Now I just have to wait on product sheets, order forms, business cards and of course my webiste.  I hate waiting, but I guess I have to be patient.  It will give me more time to plan anyway.  I need to start thinking about my table display.... I want it to look inviting :)

I decided on 3 books to purchase that are about direct selling.  I figure the more ideas and help, the better.  I will list the books on here incase anyone is interested, but will also give my review one they arrive and I read them.

I also printed out my order forms for upcoming events in Nov. and Dec.  I just have to send in a registration fee for the use of space.  Most are pretty inexpensive (about $25.00 is the average) and some require a donation for an auction, but hopefully it will get me more exposure as well as on the spot sales and more bookings.  Once I get it all set up, I will post the dates - maybe there are others out there that would like to participate with their products as well :) 

I am also looking into online parties where a couple of vendors display their products online in a chat room - sounded interesting.

So that is pretty much my plan for today - get these registrations mailed out.  I hope I get the order forms this weekend because I will have to start ordering soon!!  The great thing I found out was that with these events, I am technically the hostess of the event - so not only do I get all the benefits of sales, but I also get all the benefits of being a hostess!!  I thought that was great.  This company is very young being in their first year, but I think it is exciting to be a part of it and watch it grow. 

If any other news comes up today, I will post again - Have a great weekend!!

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  1. On Charity items and door prizes:

    Most QAs require one for each. My suggestion - keep your costs to the utmost minimum. Again, the strategy is to use these as a vehicle to help you develop your business but you do not want to lose a ton of money in the process. One mix is the average donation for each of the above.

    One last thing --

    Find out who the charity is in advance. Try to reach out to them, talk about them and see if you can begin to develop relationships with the charity. They may even send a few people to the QA because of you and the relationship you are building.

    If your direct sales company, like DYB? offers 'fundraising' programs, you can also offer this to the charities you get introduced to.

    Signing off for tonight --

    Jenn @ DYB?