Friday, December 3, 2010

A good 24 hours....

So the event last night went pretty good!  Wasn't as good as I thought, but there can be good opportunities from it :)  I thought the night was going to be more focused on shopping - but they had silent auctions as well that people bought tickets for - so as soon as all the prizes were given our - everyone left.  Then all the vendors left.  So the last hour of the event didn't happen - which surprised me since they had free wine :)  But I did okay - sold a bunch of mixes and made some good contacts of people that are interested in having a party.  I am going to send thank you emails to all the people that gave me their emails as well as some party info.  (fingers crossed) - but all in all it was a fun night :)

Some more good news today, another person has joined my team!  Welcome Laura!!  I am so excited to have a great team that continues to grow!!  I am very excited for the new year!!

I am also supplying cupcakes for a broker's open house event this month.  I get to display my cards and a sign (not sure if I wrote about that before)  But also, someone wants me make cupcakes for their son's birthday party at school - which I said SURE as long as they buy the mixes! haha

So today (aside from dealing with my tooth pain), I am going to organize, pay bills (ugh), and try to figure out the month.  Hopefully I can get some dates set in stone for January in the next few weeks too.  Set some goals for myself :)

Until tomorrow.....

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