Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy December!

I know that should have been the title for yesterday.... but time got the best of me yesterday :)

We had crazy weather yesterday - lot of power outages in the area, we had some flooding in the house (which is always fun) - but I still did manage to bake everything I need to bake.  I made 72 Cohocolate Chip Cookies - which came out much better this time. (Thanks Jen for the tips!), 84 Mini Chocolate Cupcakes, and 36 Mini Pumpkin Cupcakes - YUMMY!

Let's hope they bring me some sales tonight.  I am leaving here shortly but just wanted to check in on here - the event if from 6-10 and about an hour away from me so I will be getting home late and probably just crashing since I have work in the morning :(  I am really hoping a lot of people show up.... I need some sales to give me a pick me up!  The place looks really nice.... I am excited!

I did get a new lead today from one of my ads - I get happy when I see that it works sometimes :)  Hopefully they will be interested.  I also got an email to be a vendor at a Food Festival at the PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ - It sounds great, but unfortunately with my schedule that week, I won't be able to go which is disappointing - but it was nice to be invited.  It's over 2 hours away and on a Monday after I will be away all weekend.... :(

I also booked another event for this Sunday at a school.  It's a gift giving night - so that should be fun.  Hopefully lots of people will come out for that too.  So now I have 4 events for December....  might be able to squeeze in another one or two, but I am not sure yet.  The holidays are quickly approaching... and I am still so behind on Christmas shopping - eeek!

Well, I am going to load up my car once again with all my DYB stuff and baked goodies!  Wish me luck tonight and I will be sure to write all about it tomorrow!

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