Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love a good day!

So today has been pretty sweet!  Lot of ideas floating in the air and a feeling of nervousness and being overwhelmed...  but in a good excited way. 

I got a few leads from my advertising which is great!  I love telling new people about the business and more, I do it, the more comfortable I get.  I love what I do.... through the ups and downs. :)  We shall see what comes out of the leads... customers or consultants....

I also got a VERY interesting phone call today.  I can't say too much about it yet - lots of ideas in the works and lots to discuss with different parties involved - sooooo that news will have to wait.  But if all works out, 2011 could be great year and next December, I will be sipping on a martini in the Bahamas! - haha

It's funny how you never know when you will meet people interested.... I sometimes forget that I have signs on my car.  Someone knocked on my window today (while I was in my car) - After the initial shock of being startled (haha) - I was asked about Do You Bake? - it was pretty cool and the woman took my business card.  You just never know when you are going to meet people. Hopefully she will contact me.

Lots of Christmas shopping today with my mom - since it is my day off.  It was sooooooo cold outside.  I really hate leaving the house. 

I got a great book yesterday.... The Compound Effect.  I just started reading it, but it is very interesting and motivating.  A great book if you are looking to be successful... which I of course am! :)  I really try to stay motivated by reading and listening to cd's.  It really does help. 

I got an order today from a friend - which is always nice.  I am soooo close to my 60 day blast off sales quota.  I hope this week brings some more sales so I make it!! :)  It would be a nice achievement.

More Vistaprint arrived today! woohoooo.... magnets, recipe cards, Kitchen Aid giveaway contest cards, another pen, mousepad, more brochures and a stamp. :)  I love little goodies!

Lots to do tomorrow....  should be a busy day off.  I also have to get a little basket together for a event that I am donating to.  It's a Food and Wine event in NJ, but I will not be able to attend - so I am sending in a basket with a bunch of business cards and brochures that they said they would display.  Who knows, right?

OH! Also, next month I am going to be a contest sponsor on the Sales Mom Network website.  I get featured in articles for my contest giveaway - plus I get all the leads.  Pretty sweet - now I just have to figure out what I will giveaway. 

Well....  thats about all for today :)

"Success is a journey, not a destination." Ben Sweetland

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