Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few updates...

So I have a few updates today :) 

I am on a new website -  thanks to Tamra for the info!

It's was only $20 for the whole year, so it was definitely worth a try!

I really need to get more organized in 2011 with this business - meaning keeping track of what I am spending, saving receipts, etc., and really treating it like a business so I can take full advantage of the perks of owning your own business!

One of the new people in my downline has posted my recipe on her website - I thought that was kinda cool!

Oh some other exciting info! (well for me anyway) - I am just a few pageviews away from hitting 400 page views!  Hooray!  It's a nice feeling :)

The Do You Bake? catalogs are being released! Wooohooo!  I just placed my order for them.  I cannot wait to see them!  I think this will be a great asset to have - since that is pretty much the number one question I get - which is why I made up my own brochures :)  But this will be better!

Also new recipe cards are being released for Beer Bread Pudding - I must make that!  I will keep you up to date when I get the cards and when I actually make it!

The new mailer is going to go out in January... in Media, PA and NJ - 500 postcards total in a mailer!  I hope I get some parties or consultants out of it!!

Lastly - I still have to register for that event in March - the only thing troubling me is that with the bag inserts for 150 people, it will cost 170.00 to attend this event and have promo items in bags - that is such a chunk of money..... ugh.... but I really want to do it, I am just scared I guess.  What makes me think that it is good that it is a yearly function and they have had success before....  I am sure I will do it - it just makes me nervous shelling out that much money for a "maybe"  - but I guess this business is all about risks and sometimes you just have to take a leap! - keep your fingers crossed for me!

I really liked the quote below.... No more excuses in 2011.  You are unhappy? Do something about it :) Be incharge of your own life!

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.'
-Mary Engelbreit

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  1. Good stuff Melissa ! I'm glad to see several of the consultants are taking advantage of the new link Annie sent over to Tamra today! I see we have PA, NY, MI covered! woohoo !

    As for the event -- my best saying is 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. That said - you must be PREPARED in everything you do in 2011. You must have GOALS for your events and your business plan and yes you have to keep track of your expenses and your income. This is the way you can see how far you have come, how much you are growing and how profitable you are becoming. Don't forget - I am always here for any questions you may have.