Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting ready for yet another event....

I am soooooo happy that it is Tuesday!  I might have mentioned this before, but Tuesday for me, is a normal person's Friday :)  And since I worked last week on my day off - I am pretty beat!  I am very happy this event is on Thursday - so I have plenty of time to prep!  The airport was crazy busy today... I was not expecting that - I thought everyone went back home already... apparently not!

Well I got a new member to my team today!  A familar face ;) - Welcome Lauren from CA to my team :) Hooray!!! 

I got my shipment of product in today - which I really needed.  Now I can make up my little dog treat gifts and I have all the small candles - since those are the one's I have sold in the past.  I got some new stuff to try for myself too - like pretzel mix, banana bread, funnel cake mix (that is gonna be for my mom), chocolate chip scone mix.... and some others. 

Unfortunately the flyers I made are not going to arrive in time :(  So I am going to have to make up some generic one's and run copies off at Staples... so I atleast have something.  All my promo stuff is supposed to arrive on Friday... so close :(

I am pretty excited for this event - I really, really hope there is a big turn out....  It is getting close to the holidays, so hopefully there will be A LOT of gift giving shopping.  I think the mixes make great gifts.  Especially when I make them pre-gift wrapped!

I am still not sure what to make....  I guess I will stick with the cupcakes... they always are a hit and I can get a lot of samples from one mix.  Maybe cookies again too.  Tomorrow is gonna be another baking day!!  I have to start early though since I am also having dinner with a friend tomorrow evening.... ahhhh.... December is such a busy month.  I still have to start Christmas shopping..... my boyfriend and I are going to have a little online shopping event tonight using both of our laptops :D  Shopping in your pjs is the best - haha.  Especially with a glass of wine too!

Well, I am going to sort through everything and I need to change over all my signage since November is officially over after today.... new promotions start. :)

I will be sure to take photos of my baking and the gifty items I create in the next 2 days.

Until tomorrow!!

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