Monday, January 3, 2011

Another day.....

Hi everyone!

Busy, busy day..... school started today and wow, I am in for some hard work.... I might have taken on a bit too much - haha

So some news....

My new recipes were posted on a fellow DYB consultant's website - check it out!!

I also got new profiles on as well as  Do You Bake? is also on there if you want to check it out!  Some great training tips are now being posted on social websites from the company - which I think is a great idea!  It will give the compnay some great exposure as well :)

So I also locked a date for a party in Feb. today :)  Should be lots of fun!  Still working on the other two dates - but with Valentine's Day just around the corner - it is a great theme for an upcoming party!!

I have an order going out the end of this week - so for any of my local followers - if you would like to place any order with me, let me know - I will give you free shipping!! :)

I already have some orders to put in :) woohoo

Until next time.....

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