Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good to be home....

Well it was a cold weekend and felt very long..... plus there was lots of drama with my group for school... I didn't even get involved - it is amazing to me how people act.  But it was a little entertaining - I have to admit :) - It is good to be home in my pajamas.... it is cold out there!
This recipe below is from Sally :) - It is being posted on the DYB? site as well as Facebook too!

Cinnamon Apple Scones:
Use:  Do You Bake? Plain Scone Mix

2 apples sliced thin
1T sugar
1t cinnamon

Sprinkle Cinnamon & Sugar on top
Bake according to directions on package... 
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Oh and FYI - the Do You Bake? Garlic Seasoning is amazing on eggs! - I just made a basic cheese omlet last night and added the seasoning.... soooo good!  Try it!

Some other news! Do You Bake? is coming out with wine accessories!  They are too cute!  Wine charms, wine stoppers, wine bottle display holders.... I am pretty excited about the new line!  We just seem to keep growing and growing!  Great gifts....

Well, I am pretty tired and just wanted to check in with a few updates.  Gonna watch some TV then probably crash.... 

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