Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new level was reached today!!!

So I slept in today.... it was very nice.  I woke up to lots of emails, texts and voicemails - haha.  Also I discovered 2 new members have joined my team!! One of the newbies is on my 4th level!  This is a brand new level for me :)  I was pretty excited.... So with that being said, please welcome Erin from NC and Terri from NJ!!!

Well, I was going to make the sticky buns today - but I had some confusion and tech. difficulties.... so they are on hold. :)  But, for dinner I decided to make the Do You Bake? Saffron Rice with Baked Chicken, Rice Meal Solution.  WOW... this was delicious!  I just used a little olive oil with the seasoning over chciken breasts.... I cut up a red pepper and placed it over the chicken. Baked it in the oven for 1 hour.  The rice took about 20 minutes.  I then just made some baby carrots.  It was a great meal... healthy too! It has a great flavor... great spices.  I posted a few pics on Facebook.  There was no leftovers... haha.  This is a must to make again!  Can't wait to try the others.

Not much else to tell today... it was a pretty relaxing day :) So I am off to pour myself another glass of wine and enjoy the evening :)  Maybe tomorrow I will get up early enough to make the Chocolate Chip Pancakes :) 

"The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places."
- Author Unknown

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