Thursday, January 20, 2011

A nice 2 days off.....

Well it's back to work tomorrow :(  Overall it has been a nice two days off - except now they are calling for snow tonight - ugh.  I am soooo hoping I do not have to shovel in the morning. 

Well today we have had another consultant join our team :) WooHoo!  Welcome Kendra from TX!!  I love watching the team grow! 

Well unfortunately I did not make the pancakes today... :( I slept kinda late and then had to take my boyfriend to pick up his car... another time :)  Hmmmm... maybe tomorrow for lunch?  I am going to the gym tomorrow night... so I think I can :) haha

We got the new Feb. promotions today :)  I made up some flyers so I can send them out - as well as sent them to everyone on the team.  I can't wait to start having my Feb. parties!  I am really looking forward to it.  I am still unsure of how many people are coming to each.  So far for my Feb. 13th DYB? dinner party, we have about 12 people who have said yes!  Should be a good time!

My resume (that was professionally done) got emailed to me today :)  Looks pretty nice.. makes me sound pretty good on paper - haha.  So we shall see what comes about with that.. I have a few PA state jobs tests coming up in Feb. and March.  Hopefully the resume will help... It would be nice to just have 1 job (as well as DYB?) instead of the many I have :) I am starting a new job in Feb. for - it's a work at home position which is nice... but still PT.  I do get a discount though!  I love that.... clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags.... I prob won't make any money... haha.

Well, I am off to answer some emails... check to see if any events are coming up and dealing with my group at school.  I swear, you would not believe that I am in a Masters Program with the way these people act - it is embarrassing!  3 more weeks of this class... it cannot come fast enough! :)

There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them. 
~Charles D. Gill

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