Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new level achieved! Hooray!

Well, today was a good day :)

I have had 2 new members join the team! Welcome Wendy from PA and Ashton from VA!  So happy tp have to both on the team!

My team has now grown to a third level! WooHoo! So exciting!  I have everyone listed on a tree in my notebook, but I think I am going to start a poster board or post-its with everyone's name... that way I can see it all nice and clear and easy to access.  What a great way to start off the year! :)

I submitted an ad on a new website today... it's not up yet.  Once it is listed, I will post it on here :) But if you wanna check out the site, it has a lot of great info.


Also today I finalized another party date - Feb. 5th :) We are going to do a Valentine's Day theme - I can't wait.  The hostess is making up cute heart invitations :) 

Some sad news.... I got this sent to me today via email:

Information regarding quarter auctions... In many states, including PA they are illegal. It is a form of gambling. Please check your state laws before participating in a QA. It is beginning to receive spotlight in PA in York County.
Below please find an article found on the internet. It is pretty disappointing and has effecting some members of my team :(  I hope it changes.
And just as I was about to post this - another opportunity came up.  I was contacted by a local group that distributes "goodie bags" to moms in the Philly area at local events.  It sounds great... but now I have to think of what to put in the bags! haha!  They have a special where I can get my "goodie" in 1000 bags!  That would be some good exposure - and they are not all at once.  For instance, my first "goodie bag" is for an event for 125 bags in Febuary and then I get advertising on their site as well as Facebook and Twitter.  So we shall see!  I am excited to see what happens!
Then I got another one for advertising on network of sites!  I am not sure how all of a sudden people are finding me... but I guess that is a good thing!  Not sure if I am going to advertise with them... gotta do some more research.
The other mailer that I am participating in will get sent out on Monday!  I will post details and take a pic to show what it looks like!
Well.... after hours of school work and DYB stuff, my hand is actually cramping from all the typing! haha
Until next time!

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