Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not a winner.... maybe next time

Well the iPad drawing was today.... I am not a winner... well I am a winner, but just not for the iPad contest, LOL.  And there is always the Kitchen Aid contest next!! :)

So I got a box of goodies from Vistaprint today :)  love it....  I am still waiting on some more.  The one thing I was happy to get was my new Do You Bake? tote bag.... I am gonna bring that to work everyday as well as to the grocery store and when I am out and about.  It's funny (and this was brought up in a company newsletter today).... our name Do You Bake? really starts a conversation.  Even when I was at events, people just come up to the table and say, "Yes, I do!" or "No, I don't"... I don't even have to start a conversation.  So I thought with the tote bag.... I might get some inquiries.

Today, I did receive a phone call from someone who always parks behind my car! (well that is what she said) - she saw the sign on my car and wants to know more about DYB? - I am going to call her back tomorrow.  But at the end of her message she says, "Oh, and by the way, I do bake!" lol

We had a GREAT newsletter today all about planning parties and how to make them a success!  Lots of great info!  I highly reccommend reading it :) Click the link below...


So today, Sally (my boyfriend's mom) made the Do You Bake? Rice Pudding.... soooo good!  I love a good homemade rice pudding.... it tasted delicious!  We are going to make another one for her party on the 13th of Feb.  - So far we have 11 people who have said yes to come to the party :)  Should be fun! 

Tomorrow, I am mailing out my product samples to the two company's to do reviews :)  Let's hope they like them... although, how could they not!?!? haha

I am so happy that today is Tuesday.... this week felt very long... and cold!  The ice this morning was horrible.... my car was encased in ice when I went out this am, plus the roads were solid ice!  My do looked at me like I was crazy when I walked him this morning.... haha.... he did not like the ice covered snow in the backyard!  But atleast  have the next 2 days off.... I have an interview on Thursday at a Victim Servies Center (volunteer position), but aside from that.... I am hibernating!  And I am going to be testing some more DYB? items..... let's see... Sticky Buns, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and Saffron Rice with Chicken (if I leave the house to buy the chicken ) lol....  I really want to try the Buffalo Beer Bread too.... I was thinking about making grilled chicken paninis with it and adding some blue cheese/ hot sauce too... mmmmm.....

Well.... I am going to enjoy my "Friday" night, lol.  And I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow :)

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.
-- Ingrid Bergman

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