Monday, January 17, 2011

Missing a few days....

Wow, time flew this weekend and I never even got a chance to write in my blog :)  Saturday was my 3 year anniversary with the love of my life.  We had a great day... delicious dinner... and I got a new Tiffany & Co. addition to wear on my neck :) Then, my boyfriend's friend got engaged! So we had a party to go to yesterday for them...  And now I am back.  So let me catch you up on the past 3 days in my DYB? world...

2 new members have joined our team!! Woohoo! Welcome Tina from ID & Monique from MO.  I love seeing the DYB? family grow!

DYB? now has a "New Recruit Contest"  which is pretty sweet...  it has some great motivational prizes!  Whoever wins 1st place gets all the company leads for Feb.!!  That is huge!  Should be exciting to see what happens...

I got my new cards... mailers - in the mail this week.  They are cute little packets.  And they are not overflowing with offers... just a handful of vendors in a plastic sleeve.... we shall see if they get me any parties!  (fingers crossed)

And speaking of a party... I booked another party for Feb. today :)  So now I have a party every weekend in Feb!  It's gonna be a busy month! :)  I'm excited!

I made up some binders this weekend with our catalog in them (with sheet protectors).  This idea was given to me by my team leader - that way people can look at them at parties.  I have 2 so far - nice bright colors - I will get more as I go on, but it's a start :)

So my friend, Christina, is having a Valentine's Party next month for Do You Bake? She made the cutest invitations!  I love Valentine's Day :)  I think I am going to have to break out the heart shaped pans and muffin tuns to make it a little more festive! haha - Should be lot's of fun.... I have been planning all the menus for the parties.... I will post them once they are complete :)

OH and I won a FREE month of Link advertising at the Very Busy Mama website..... It's just a link ad, but hey, It's free and free is good!  The link is not up yet... I will post when it goes live.

Also, I am sending out some product samples to 2 websites tomorrow to give a product review and small giveaway on their site.  I made up a little gift package with a letter that I am finishing up tonight.... I hope it goes well :)

One of my new consultants is a web designer... she does nice work.  She is designing a logo for The Roaming Cupcake :)  I feel I need one, plus eventually this year, I would like to register that as my business name.  Can't wait to see what she comes up with.  Her site is below if you want to check it out... she has very good prices :)

On a sad note, I officially lost my first consultant today.  I was a little bummed, but I know that this business is all about numbers.... people will come and go.  Not everyone is going to feel the way I do.... but never the less... it is still a little sad to see someone go :(

Well the iPad contest results were supposed to be announced today.... not sure what happened :(  Maybe tomorrow....??  I am off to watch some TV then crash.... so happy tomorrow is Tuesday!!!

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