Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ugh.... annoying day!

Well a great start to a day is to find out 3 events were cancelled that I was going to be a part of. One was a V-Day shopping event, 1 was a quarter auction and the other was a fundraiser :(  So I was kinda bummed about that.... my January is looking kinda sad right now. :(

Then!  I just started a new school for my 2nd bachelor degree... I was half way into my first week, when I received an email saying that I cannot receive loan from 2 institutions at the same time!!!  I was soooo mad!  I really do not understand how I can approved for loans and enroll in classes and then get told - oops - we overlooked something!  So I had to drop my classes from that school until I figure everything out.... so annoying. 

But, on a good note, I am placing a pretty decent order in tomorrow.... just from friends that I said could get free shipping :)  Plus prepping for my Feb. parties... I was going to place an order for me anyway, so I figured why not try to make the order even bigger and add on some sales.... :) 

My sales contest is going out January 10th... I will be sure to link it on here as well as Facebook! 

Sales Quarter minimums are going to start in the second quarter.  I think this is great!  It is very low, and I think it is needed.  Especially since we are such a new company, it is important to have the people working at the top!  So, I am all for it

I also have yet another new ad.... it's not up yet, but this is the site it is going on.

So I made the chocolate chip scones yesterday... YUM! I gotta say, I am not a big scone person, but the DYB scone mixes are sooooooo good!  They are super easy to make and come out perfect!  They are light an fluffy (not dense like a lot of scone) - and I just love them!  I was at my boyfriend's and made them... his mom tried them and said, "add two of these to my order!" haha.  She is going to make them and bring them to the office!  Plus they make the kitchen smell amazing!

The iPad drawing is on Jan. 17th.... fingers crossed!!!  Next is the Kitchen Aid give-a-way...... I really want one of those.  It's funny, I had a Kitchen Aid, but never used it since I never baked! hehe.  So I sold it to my boyfriend's mom about 2 years ago..... who would have known that I would starting a business that had a lot of baking! haha - but I do use it when I am at her house to bake sometimes.... and I love it :)  So I am hoping to win one so I don't have to buy one!

Some other great news... I booked a 3rd party for Feb.. Hooray!  3 Valentine's Parties! I am thinking that these theme parties are a great way to get a party!  Maybe birthdays too... any events.  I think going forward this is the angle I am going to persist - even if I have to cater it! haha

Well... I just found a bag of crunch crunch nut mix!  That just made my night... :) 

Well I have drill this weekend...... so I probably will not be posting until Monday, unless something comes up that I have to share!!  OH and FINALLY my Black Friday special shipped out today!!  It will arrive tomorrow... I cannot wait!!!  My rice cooker will be here! woohoo! 

Well, until next time!! :)

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