Saturday, November 13, 2010

1 down - 1 to go :)

Well I have a few hours before my next event.... so I had some time to write - since I am pretty organized. :)  I just have a frost some cupcakes....

Well last night was a lot of fun.... I had a few cupcake casualities on the way from the lovely roads of Philadelphia and South Jersey.... but no worries, they did not go to waste.  Infact they ended up in my stomach! haha

The hotel was really nice - they had it in a small banquet hall and had a cash bar as well.  About 45 people showed up, which was not too bad - I was hoping for more though considering the price to have a table at the event.  People LOVED my cupcakes and I did sell some stuff this time :)  I made out pretty good on the auctions as well.  My business cards arrived yesterday which was great and I passed a ton out.  I had lots of questions and comments and some people even signed up to receive my newsletter - (which I really have to finish this week - like Monday).  It was a lot of fun though - and I am feeling more confortable.  I wish I could book a party - some people asked but no bookings.  Maybe someone will call or go on my site.

Tonight's event is in a Bar/Restaurant - so that should be interesting.  I am hoping lots more people show up tonight being a Saturday.  I have some friends coming out as well as my boyfriend :) It should be great! 

This week, I really want to get lots done - I have to submit my two ads for a website.  I will give a link, once it is up and running.  I have the online party to finalize and plan - plus a craft show next Friday.  That will be something new - so I am excited!  Plus I was thinking about doing a direct mailing campaign for recruiting as well as product promotions for December.... I hope  can get maybe a little advance notice on the promotions :) That way I can get them out right away - I will prob focus in the Philly area.  Since, that would be close for me.  I am not sure yet though - I am still planning it. but I think it would be great for the holidays and after things settle down after the holidays :)  I am trying to think of an offer to give to people.....  My mind is constantly racing :)  I keep a notebook with me now to write down ideas.  It is a lot of fun....after the holidays, if all goes well, I think I might register a business name with a DBA, so I can keep my funds seperate and start running this is a real business.... but we'll see.

I have a lot more time these next few weeks, while I am on a break from classes - no homework :)  I will be back in class on December 15th - so until then, I have much more time to put into Do You Bake?

I'll either write tonight ot tomorrow about the event tonight! :)

Until next time....

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