Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another day of baking!

So today, I did a whole lot of baking again!  I made vanilla and pumpkin cupcakes... 98 total and about 70 small chocolate chip cookies (which were amazing) - I have 2 events this weekend now - so I had to make extra!  The house smelled so good today and I had to keep my family from stealing the merchandise! haha

I bought a 6ft. table today at Walmart (can't beat their prices) since I need a table for a few upcoming events.  I am hoping I get some parties booked! And sell sell sell!

I had an idea today to find inexpensive dog bowls, I saw some at TJ Maxx and combine that with our Dog Treat Mix as a little gift package.... People love holiday gifts for dogs.  I am going to try it out in my December charity events.

So last night I got an email for an invite to "The Woman in You - Health and Fashion Expo in Arlington, VA Fashion Centre Mall - I have no idea how they got my email, but it was cool to see that they did.  It's in Jan., but it costs $790.00 for 2 days!!!!  Although that would be amazing.... I am not at that level yet - haha... maybe one day, I will be able to do big Expo's.... It would be soooo much fun to see that many people and sample and sell!!

Oh and my friend's mom is a realtor and wants to use my candles as welcome gifts to her clients!  I was excited about that - she is starting out in real estate and loves my products!  So that would be awesome to get my name out there with the giveaways she wants to do with my candles! :)  I hope it all works out :)

So tonight I have just organizing to do.... lots of printing for my labels and the new promo flyers.  I hope I sell lots to place a big order this weekend!!

So a big event in the future is in March in NJ - It is huge Girls Night Out!  I am pretty excited about it and will probably have to recruit a friend to help me since it will be a lot larger and a lot of people.... I will have to make sure I am really stocked up on cash and carry items.... I was also thinking about serving some savory items... but I have to see how that would work out and if I have electricity at the table. :)  It should be a lot of fun and this is the most expensive event I will be doing so far, but I think the exposure alone will be well worth it!  They are also having goodie bags for 150 people if you want to put an item in - but that would be a lot of extra money.  I have to see how the next couple of months go.

Can you tell I have been listening to motivational cds the past few days???? haha - I am so motivated and excited :)

I am going to make up some little gifts tonight and put some mixes in little cello bags with ribbon to make a little grab and go gift at the events these next two nights....  From working in retail for so long, everyone loves ready to give gifts!

Well... that is all for tonight... I will post how I do with the next 2 nights... Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Until tomorrow....

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