Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome another new member! :)

Well today I received another new member to my growing team - Welcome Lisa!!  It's very exciting! 

Lots of news today.... So for the winter, DYB is having a Vacation Giveaway to the Bahamas!!  The trip is for next December and I soooo want to be on that cruise!  I am so not a winter person - so this will keep me motivated and not oo into hibernation! - haha - 2011 will be my year!

OH! My ads are up for some more websites! :)  Let's hope they bring in some interest!  I found out today that the people we recruit can be placed anywhere in my downline!  I think that is awesome and a great tool to use to help build your downline....  I want it to keep growing and growing!

Here are the sites - check them out!




Pretty cool :)

Oh - also late last night I got my first big order in :)  I was very excited.... I need to make $1000.00 in my first 60 days and I am getting close!  I hope these upcoming events really help and maybe get me some home parties booked!

Well that is about all for today.... I have to get ready for an Amway seminar that I am going to for a friend - she sells it.  Maybe I can get some good ideas to apply to DYB? - should be fun.  Plus I do love their products - their skincare and vitamins are amazing!!!

Until tomorrow... Next 2 days off - woohoooo!!

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