Sunday, November 28, 2010

And we grow again!

Some good news today.... We added another team member today... first one from CA.  Welcome Isabel and Congrats Manon!  I love getting those emails :)  I love seeing my downline grow... it is very motivating and keeps me working hard!

I am super tired today....  I so need a day off :)  I have a busy night ahead with Amway...  I am going over a friends house (sort of my sponsors) and then to a team members house.  Should be fun though :)  I have not really done too much with Amway yet, since I focus on Do You Bake?... but I already have a downline which is awesome :)  Any extra money is great and my dream of working full-time from home inches closer and closer. 

My back, neck and teeth are a little unbearable today.  I really need to get to the doctor soon.... ugh

I am hoping to get my order in this week as well as some promo materials.  I would like to have a little more product for Thursday's event. :) I also cannot wait to get that new rice cooker!! 

Well other than that - not much else is going on.  I am hoping that I get some more events and parties for December.... although I know its a crazy month.  But I do have 2 events and I am hoping they are both successful! 

Until tomorrow... or the next day :D

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