Sunday, November 14, 2010

And some time to relax.....

Last night turned out to be pretty good!  There was about 60-65 people there, which was a little better tun out than the night before.  I had a great time with the exception of a little drama from another vendor.  This woman accused a table (which had my friends and family) of not putting in enough quarters!  It was unbelievable - plus I had purchased an item from her and we all loved her stuff - she then was talking about them to other vendors - it was very rude and unprofessional.  I returned my item to her and told her how her behavior was unacceptable.  The good thing is that she will not be allowed to any more of their events - which is great because that just creates a bad experience for people.  She could have had so many sales from me alone! But lost them all over a few quarters.... people never cease to amaze me.  But otherwise - it was a great night - I made lots of new contacts - sold some mixes and a candle.  And as always, people loved my cupcakes!  They all went his time - no leftovers.  So I am hoping that people will call or email me and order some products! 

I want to get that newsletter started to for the emails I collected at the events.  I think that things are now starting to get rolling....  People are really loving the products and hopefully they will pass it along to friends.

I am going to have a full page ad in the directory on the website:

Check it out when you can - this is also the site that I will be having my online party on this upcoming Thursday!  I will be posting a invite on The Roaming Cupcake as well as my personal FB page.  I just submitted the copy so it should be up this week.  I hope that brings in some people.

Well - I actually have an Amway party to go to today :)  Should be fun.... maybe someone there will want to have a party for Do You Bake?

Until tomorrow......

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