Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeling some discouragement....

So.... sad to say, the event last night was not a success.  Maybe if people came, it would have been - but no one showed up to the event :(  I did however make some sales to the few that came and I made some good new contacts.  Once woman loved the stuff and wants to give them as gifts (she bought a few of my ready made gifts too) and she is thinking about having a party in January.  And I did give out some business cards to the few that were there.... I did have another vendor buy a mix too (which is always nice) - So I guess it had to happen sooner or later.  I was really sitting in a room with a bunch of other vendors and not one person came in for a very looooong time.....  The vendors even broke down early.... it was a sad sight.  Some people didn't sell a thing.  But, hopefully I will get some business from those that I spoke with.  I was feeling discouraged last night.... it just felt like a huge waste of time.  That is why I didn't write last night.... I just went to bed.  But my optimism kicked back in this morning so I guess I just needed to sleep on it.

Today I got lots of my promo items in!  I need to wash my car so I can put my decal on the back window and my bumper sticker!  Plus I got my little buttons, my front yard sign, and some other things.  I was pretty happy about that.  They came out really nice :) 

And I had to cancel my event for tonight.  I had some personal reasons and had to make a choice.  So add that to my discouragement :( 

But then, I got another party booked for January!  So that is 3 now and a great way to start off the year as well as the sales contest! :) 

It has been a roller coaster of 2 days and I am beat!  This week is Thanksgiving and I am working more hours at the airport... gotta love holiday travel and all the "happy people" - haha.  For those traveling, please be nice to your local TSA officer - they are just doing their job :)

I am trying to decide what mix I want to make for Thanksgiving as well as get my Christmas list together.  The mixes make great gifts as well as the candles!  I am gonna give my dad one of the nut mixes!

So tonight I am going to work on the computer...  I really want to make up a product brochure.  I had a few lists last night and they were snatched up quickly.  People keep wanting to see a list, so I think I will make one up for them to take.  Plus, I want to send out some cards to people I know to give them great holiday gift ideas! 

So other than all that - I am pretty blah today.  My back is really hurting me as well.... can't wait to get to the doctor this week! :)

Until tomorrow.....

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