Monday, November 22, 2010

crazy day.....

Well today was just as my title says... a "crazy day" - Work, then driving a friend home from the airport... then family drama - which ended up taking up the rest of my day.  Fun - fun.

I did however put my new bumper sticker on my car as well as my back window decal.  I will post the pics on FB - it was a little dark out, but you can still see it.

I did end up placing my order last night too :) I can't wait to receive my new stuff!  This week, I will also be placing the order for the new rice cooker and rice mixes! Can't wait to try them! YUM!!!

I found out today that one of the charity events I was planning on attending was pushed back to the spring time :(  That was a little disappointing... but hopefully it will be a even bigger and better event in the spring.

Well, I am off to bed early tonight... busy, busy week :)  After the holidays - hopefully things will settle down and I can get more focused! :)

Until tomorrow....

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