Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting products together....

Well right now I am trying to sort everything out.  I have to submit my item descriptions for my 2 events on the 12th and 13th plus any offers I will be giving that night.  I also have to drop off my charity item for a craft fair next week (the event is on the 19th).  I am excited that things are finally going to start happening! 

Tomorrow, I have to make a grocery list of all the items I need for samples and put my cello bags together.  I was hoping that my business cards would come this week - they still might, but just incase I am going to make some of my own up so I have something for people to take, plus i want to make sure that each card is put in the cello bag and auction items.  I got my pink trays in the mail today... I thought they would "pop" nice on the table...  I also really need to study up on product info this week and what I am going to say!  I feel that not many people have heard of Do You Bake? So I am hoping to get lots of questions!

Today I made the original beer bread... YUM!  First of all the house smelled amazing and it was super easy to make!  All you have to add is beer and butter.  I added some garlic powder and cheddar cheese in the middle and it tasted soooooo good :)  I am definately going to have try the other flavors!

Well today is also my last day of class.... I get a little break till December :) - but I have lots of homework to do tonight.  And, I have to finish these emails for the quarter auctions.  Should be a busy next few days to prep!  So exciting! 

Until tomorrow....

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