Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The day begins.... not so smoothly

Ok, so I am not the craftiest person (people who know me, know this), but I thought I could manage an iron-on sheet.... apparantly not.  I unfortunately did not have the directions on me, so I decided to wing it.  The first try - I was having trouble with the paper and ended up ruining the logo :( - my second try, I ended up melting half the image and its looks horrible!  So that was a bust.... for the future I decided to let the professionals handle this type of situation.... here I come.  At least I will have them in time for the next auctions. ugh.......

I put my 3 ads up on craigslist for the upcoming 3 events!  Let's hope they get some notice and people are able to come out and have a good time! :)

If you are on the Philadelphia or South Jersey Craigslist - check under "events" and you can see the ads :)

I also found another event today that I am going to be a part of - It's in December and it's a Shopping Extravagaza for Busy Moms - Sounded interesting :) I have to fill out the registration for and get that in as well. 

I went to staples... AGAIN... (I signed up for a rewards card today - haha) I got my "enter to win" cards printed out on cardstock (just to make it look a little nicer) - plus on card stock it will be easier to keep for collecting info.  I still have to print out my "Enter to Win" Sign and temporary business cards.  I am still not sure if I am just going to print my own or have Staples do it.  I really do not want to spend any more money... so I will probably end up doing it myself.  My real one are on ordered anyway. 

I just made my grocery list for tomorrow.  Luckily I had most of what I needed in the house already.  I just need a few things and beer for the bread.  As soon as I get the cards printed, I am going to make up the cello bags for the auctions.  I also decided that all the auction are going to get some brownies as a sample with the auction.  Plus if they like them (and why wouldn't they?), I have them available for cash and carry, so hopefully I can sell some. 

I am posting some things on facebook so you can see my progress and the ideas I had :)

I found another 2 events, but one is a little pricey and the other won't let me give out samples.  I am going to have to think about these two and see if they are worth it.  Both are in December, so I have a little time.

Some GOOD NEWS!  My order from Do You Bake? was shipped out today and will arrive to my house tomorrow.  Which is great, because now I can display the candles as well as the Turkey Day Special Gift Basket + other new items :)  Things are looking good!  The cello bags look great!  I think I am going to bring some cello bags and ribbon with me incase someone wants one as a gift and I can wrap them up real quick!

Oh, I did finish reading that book, "The Skinny on Direct Sales" - It's a cute book and a very easy read.  I do not know how much information it really has to give except to not quit direct sales in your first 100 days.  But it was a cute story and entertaining to say the least.  But if you are looking for an indepth reading of the subject - this is not the book for you. 

So over all it was a productive day - Lots of baking and last minute things to do tomorrow :)

Most pictures will be posted on Facebook this week - especially after the event!

Well that is all for now... until tomorrow!

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