Monday, November 8, 2010

Back online..... :)

Finally, we got a new router and that fixed the problem.  This weekend was very tiring, so I was unable to write.  We had weapons qualification on Sat. and Sun. and it was soooo cold out.  I was dead tired by the time I got home!

So in regards to the quarter auction on Friday.... it was very interesting to say the least, but lots of fun.  I was there later than expected and had a long drive home.  The environment was different - most of the vendors all knew each others as well as everyone who attended.  It was very local since it was in a firehouse.  People never heard of Do You Bake?, so I did get a lot of questions.  They LOVED my cupcakes!  I did ok on the auctions and got my name out there.  People took cards and wanted to see me come again, so hopfully as people get to know me as well as the brand, they will be more likely to BUY!  Since this was the first time I have ever been to a Quarter Auction, I tried to learn all I could.  Most of the night I was running around collecting quarters... I was thankful that I decided not to wear my heels! haha.  But overall it was a good night and I took some pictures that I will hopefully get up this week on Facebook.

Now for the other news...  I found out this weekend that I will be going on military orders nect week and leaving for Ft. Benning, GA and going to airborne school.  (I get to jump out of a plane!) It is for about a month.  The problem is that I am going to have to put all of this on hold for a bit.... I have to cancel my events for end of Nov and beginning of Dec.  I am hoping to get my deposits back :)  Most people have been very understandingso far.  So, unfortunately this blog as well as my business will have to slow down some - I won't be able to do much there. 

I will keep this updated until I leave :)

But we will see what happens....  My little experiment can always continue when I return :)

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