Wednesday, November 17, 2010

another day......

Well I just got home from running a bunch of errands - which included some of the Turkey Day shopping :)  I really am anxious to go to the Dr. this Tuesday to find out what I did to my back.... it just seems to be getting worse :(

I found a great deal on some gift bags today - just plain ones.... but I am going to print out stickers to place on the bags to have little shopping bags for the 2 larger charity events I have in the beginning of December... I figured it would be cute and maybe people will buy more if I give them a bag to put it in! haha

Last night I got some great news about a Black Friday promotion!  I am pretty excited about it since it announced new products!!  A rice steamer as well as rice mixes!  I can't wait to try them!  We also got a promotion for customers!  I am posting some details on Facebook - but if you are looking to have a Do You Bake? party in December - now is the time to book it!!  Contact me for more details or questions! :)

I got a call today about being a vendor at an event this weekend!  It is a Ladies Night Out event at a place called the Well Loft right outside Philadelphia - It ts a fitness boutique - they offer yoga and spinning classes - so it should be fun!  They are having a charity organization there called the Career Wardrobe and are serving wine and desserts.  I am pretty excited!!  It should be a fun night!

My online party has been postponed... probably till January.  I will figure out the details, but I wanted to let everyone know - sorry for any inconveinences :)

The Amway presentation went really well last night.... I love their products!!  I use them all the time anyway - I might just join to get a discount! haha

OH - I got a party booked today for the new year!  sooooo excited about that :)

I decided to do a cash raffle at my upcoming events (thanks for the idea Jen) - that way I can get some people over to the table and hopefully make some money - The raffle will be my Turkey Day Special Gift Basket! :)

So I know that there are a lot of people out there that think I am crazy and this is just another one of my crazy jobs (I change occupations alot), but I am very determined and motivated to make this work.  I love this compnay and the products!  I am good at this and enjoy spending hours on my laptop, going to events and baking cupcakes! haha - I know I will be a success and as I am sipping a margarita next December on the beach from winning a trip from my sales contest - I will smile.... I will not be discouraged! :)

Well I am off to eat, have a glass of wine and enjoy my evening :)  Tomorrow is another day of baking cupcakes! mmmmmm.....

Until tomorrow.....

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