Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finally... A chance to sit down

Well today was a busy, busy day!  But I did get a lot done.... although I am pretty sleepy right now and it's only 8:30pm :)

Well I did manage to get everything else I needed.  I went to Party City and got carrier boxes to transport the cupcakes and some serving trays/bowls.  I went to the bank to make sure I had change for the cash and carry products - and the post office to get a money order (since I still have to pay for tomorrow's event). 

My product arrived today!! Hooray!  Which is great because now I can display the Turkey Special plus the candles.  BTW, the candles smell amazing!  They made me hungry just from smelling them.  I wanted to burn one so bad to make my house smell that good!  I will have to get more and give some as gifts!  They are really pretty and you can tell they are quality candles.  I was very happy!

Well then I baked.... I made 66 mini-cupcakes, a loaf of beer bread and an onion and chive dip.  The cupcakes came out amazing!  I made all vanilla and half has dark chocolate frosting and the other half had a cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  I used the cinnamon spice mix and mixed it with a cream cheese frosting - YUM!  The bread also came out great - I am going to cut it up tomorrow so people can sample it and dip it in the onion chive dip if they want.

Then I attempted to make bite size brownies... notice I said attempt.  Well I guess I put too much batter in the mini muffin tins and they all decided to rise out of the pan and connect to one another.  Then, they did not want to come out of the pan!  I was so fustrated.  So no brownies tomorrow... BUT they did taste delicious and are great for making a brownie sundae :)  I am sure they will be enjoyed in the house!

Oh and the other good news!  I attempted my iron-on design again... well this time, I read the directions and it worked!  I was so happy and a little proud of myself.  I had this vision of my outfit and the apron and t-shirt just make the outfit.  The logo is on the front of the apron - then I am wearing a pale pink t-shirt and the logo is on the back of the t-shirt. :)  It looks pretty good if I do say so myself! (I'll take photos)

So aside for some other personal errands and laundry, it was a DYB kind of day!  I am very excited and nervous about tomorrow.  I hope things go well.  I feel prepared though.  Tomorrow is gonna be a long day with work in the AM and then this event in the PM, which is about an hour away.  Plus, I have my drill weekend (this weekend) with the Army Reserves..... that is going to be a long weekend.  I hope I still get a chance to write.  I guess I will have to see how long the days are.

I will take lots if pics and report back with all the details.  Hopefully I will learn a lot and then can be better for the next event!

Well I am pretty beat.  I am going to finish up and get everything ready and then go to sleep! 

Wish me luck! Until tomorrow....

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