Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baking.... and more baking

Well today, I baked more than I have in my entire life I think :)  I made 192 mini-cupcakes, a loaf of Italiano Beer Bread, 2 mini-plain beer breads, and a batch of mocha brownies..... but atleast it is all done now and I am all set for my next two events this weekend. 

I have my shipment coming in the knick of time tomorrow - I still have to make a gift baket as well as a few cello bags for the auctions.  I am so excited, but stressed as well.  I am hoping to look back on all this one day and say to myself, "that was sooooo worth it" :)

I did not have any time for advertising today... I had lots of emails to answer and send out.  Plus getting everything ready since I work in the morning - I have to come to back to my boyfriends - pack up my car - go to my house in Philly - pack up the rest... then drive to Jersey.  And then to do it all again on Saturday.  So that being said - I will probably not be able to write again till Sunday.... I am sure I will crash tomorrow night.  If I have time to write from my iphone, I will do that.

On my driving around today, I did decide to download some podcasts about direct sales... I got some good ideas and it was fun to listen to.  Gave me some motivation....  One person named Shari Hudspeth gave lots of good info.  She has a website with lots of training materials.... I have to sit down next week and look into it more. 

Well, I have some flyers to print out - I want to bring my flyers for December that are in Jersey to the event tomorrow - hopefully some people will come to the others as well.  And the same for Media, PA on Saturday.  I got cute snowflake paper to print them on :)  Plus, I have to make sure I am all set to go before I head to sleep.  I am pretty sleepy already!

Busy, busy..... Until tomorrow or the next day :)

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  1. Don't we all someday want to say -- it was all worth it? =)

    Every day I wake up and think - Was it all worth it? Will it all be worth it? Will the ups, the downs the arounds be worth it? How will it and does it help me each and every day! And will I be able to infect and affect those around me in the days, weeks, months to come ?? Believe me - patience is a virtue!